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Big MaMa MiMi

Big MaMa MiMiwrote a review of on February 5, 2012

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This bag could use MORE insulation in the legs.

According to the tag this bag is comfortable for standard women weighing 132lbs wearing long underwear, socks, and a hat on a 1" insulated mat down to 18F. I am 5'5" 110lbs and sleep on a women's specific 2" self inflating pad. This bag does as it says, it keeps my torso and feet warm all night, but my legs get so cold that I have to put snow pants on over my long underwear and sweatpants or use a hand warmer or two inside my bag when the temperature drops under 30F(I have slept in it down to 14F comfortably with snow pants on). This bag is comfortable and perfect for my height. its packing size and weight is as expected for a "0 degree" sleeping bag and the zipper is great and very rarely snags.