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Ben_McPhee2031789wrote a review of on January 31, 2010

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Bought a pair of these a few months back, and upon hearing them for the first time, I thought they were defective. They are all bass, with almost no high end. The result is a muted sounding earphone, that leaves a lot to be desired.

I got used to this, and do appreciate the bass, but my old cheapies had a better tonal range than these.

Not long after I bought them, they snapped in half. The insert that allows them to extend to fit large noggins is paper thin, and if they take a knock while they are in this position, they're screwed.

Despite that, I was still able to use them by taping them up. But now, it has 2 loose contacts - one at the jack, and the other where the cord enters the ear - resulting in one or both sides dropping out.

And if style is important, look in a mirror before a pair of Hesh. I feel like a frigging wanker walking down the street with these on. It looks like I'm wearing 2 painted grapefruit halves.

Skullcandy did not reply to my first warranty claim on these, and I'm about to make a 2nd. Lets hope this time they get back to me.