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Benwrote a review of on May 19, 2012

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I have bough six pairs of water shoes (Teva and Columbia) prior to stumble upon the Five Ten Canyoneering 2 shoes on one of my trips. The leader of the trip also is a member of local search and rescue and this is what the pros wore.

When I got home, I read up all reviews and found out these are the shoes people rent on Zion Subway trips. I also read that you need to wear a neoprene socks with this (preferable the 5MM thickness).

I wear size 10.5 and bought a pair that is 10.5, however, after the 5MM neoprene socks, it was too tight and exchanged it for size 11. Now it is comfortable with the 5MM neoprene socks.

Today I went on an 11-mile hike with a total of 16 water crossings. These shoes performed more than I can hope for. It is worth every penny. When in the water, these shoes had a great gripping power even over the slippery rocks. When on trail, with the 5mm neoprene socks, it became a comfortable hiking boots. Lots of ankle support and gripping power when scrambling over rocks. No worries about blasters in wet socks. I would highly recommend these shoes for anyone go on a trip need water crossing and hiking without have to change shoes after each crossing.