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Ben M.wrote a review of on October 27, 2017

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This headlamp’s battery door does not stay closed. It swings open with almost no effort at all, and has done so several times at critical times (Nothing quite like looking for batteries as the sun is setting and a storm is blowing in...without a light...). There seems to be a clasp designed to keep the door in place; It isn’t broken, but about as useful as if it were.
2nd Issue: If the batteries are even slightly low, the red light function turns off *automatically* after about 15 seconds. A very useful feature, unless of course, you are hanging off the side of a glacier, with no hands free and no way to turn it back on. When tested, the batteries aren’t even that low. My multimeter shows a continuous 1.2 V current, which means there is still about 30% of its lifetime left.
Please make this right. I’ve been a longtime fan of BD, and talked nothing but praise. I appreciate your help in sorting this out.