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Baghdad Joe

Baghdad Joe

Baghdad Joe

Baghdad Joewrote a review of on July 3, 2012

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I purchased two of these shirts primarily for working outdoors in the middle east. About a month before my work travels, I wore both on a few day hikes in both cool and warm climates. I normally sweat a lot with cotton shirts and found these a vast improvement over cotton and the expensive synthetic - plastic materials.

The smart wool shirts were somewhat "itchy" until after two or three washes. I do have fairly sensitive skin and normally don't wear wool products directly against my body. These shirts are the exception and have held up very well under intense heat, buckets of sweat and wearing a large backpack. My black color shirts will pick up some lint during the wash and drying cycle. I have also let them air dry on a plastic hangar with similar results. It's still a very good product.

They dry much faster than any other shirts I have worn and smell better. Even though the price is higher than a cotton t-shirt, I believe these shirts are still a great value for the price.