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AARON S.wrote a review of on July 30, 2009

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I purchased this tent from reviews and Biblers namesake. Within 5 minutes after opening the package and beginning the setup to see what I bought I was beginning the process of repackaging for return. There are too many fail points to believe this tent costs this much. I am a professional guide and backcountry pilot in AK and we torture our gear. Not because we want to but because the backcountry here weeds out the crap that people try to sell as dependable. This tent was born to fail if you use it like a pro. Plastic pole fasteners. Press fit button pole seats in the FLOOR. Two pole design that if one fails or bends the whole tent looses its structural integrity. Ever fall on your pack? Ever sit on it? Ever bend a tent pole? If one of these poles gets bent the Ahwahnee tent will blow over in light wind. NOT WORTH THE MONEY. Bibler had a good idea but failed to reinforce the primary pieces of a true backcountry tent. Rugged dependability is the goal in a tent this price. Buy one to depend on when the elements are trying to kill you. This tent is not that tent. Save your money and buy something that is NOT MADE IN CHINA. We looked at it at our outfitters and laughed at it. DO NOT BUY. DO NOT BUY. DO NOT BUY.