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The flatlands of Ohio. Lots of plane tickets.

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Living in Ohio is tough - you have to travel or get creative. Running, cycling, hiking, trail running, & mtn biking can be done here (believe it or not). The rest you have to seek class skiing and climbing is always close by - as in only a plane ride away (thank you reward points). We drink good beers, grill, & play cornhole here in the summer. We drink good beers, grill, & play cards & the winter. The great outdoors is my "happy place" and all the hobbies are great, but at the end of the day nothing beats walking the dogs with the wifey.


BAndersonwrote a review of on July 29, 2010

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Caught the sale price, and so far am pleased with the value for the price. Last used it at Camp Muir on Rainier at 10,000 feet and it did the job. It did not get that cold (40 degrees I believe) but was toasty warm. It has a small zippered pocket to stash stuff in - in this case I forgot to take my watch off and did not want to get out of bed to reach the pack to put it away. The compression sack that comes with it will save you a few bucks as well. All in all if you don't want to pay for down or you might be in damp conditions, a solid choice. The only issue is the zipper tends to get caught easily if you are not careful. 5 stars if it was not for that.