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Austin Van Rossum

Austin Van Rossum

Milton, Kelso, Glen Eden, Crystal Lake, Guelph

Austin Van Rossum's Bio

Awesome, but pretty lame, i board a bit, mountain bike, wakeboard a little,

Austin Van Rossum

Austin Van Rossumwrote a review of on March 3, 2012

what quality do you expect for $13
3 5

i got the blue/purps one. it looks pretty sweet but its a pain in the ass to try and match with anything. Its and extremely thin hat (obviously for $13) so its not an extreme cold weather hat but this has been the warmest winter ever so no problems there.

The one big thing is that the little nef tag fell off on the SECOND DAY i had the hat.. stitching on one side just gave out (it was really reallt weak stitching). I had some white thread so i hack jobbed it back on. But if u dont buy ur clothes for the brand (lol yah right) then this wont be a big deal