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Atemwaswrote a review of on March 29, 2007

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I live in cold, wet, and muddy Michigan. I bought the North Face shoes for running on trails. The Gore Tex to keep my toes dry until summer arrives. They have performed as promised. I have run in mud, rain, and slushy "crud."

They are stiffer than my summer running shoes (Asics) - but that is expected in a trail runner.

The size I wear (8) was the size I ordered and they fit great. (I heard sizing was an issue for others with NF)

Only complaint is the sole insert is not adequate for my high arches. I have switched them out for more cushioning and arch support. (Minor thing anyway).

Happy buyer - and got exactly what I was looking for. Dry-warm happy feet.

I will be running a trail half marathon next month in them. They will be great especially if it rains, or snows (possible for Michigan in April).