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Arnost Lobel

Arnost Lobel

Arnost Lobel

Arnost Lobelwrote a review of on September 12, 2015

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I have just gotten the gloves in size M and though I have not used them yet, I thought I'd drop a note here on the sizing. My hand measures 8 1/4 inch around the knuckles (palm on a table) with a 3 1/2 inch long middle finger. I am thus on the lower side of the recommended M-range. However, the gloves fit really snugly and my thumb would probably appreciate a notch longer space there. The gloves are quite stretchy, however, so there is probably not going to be a problem, unless the gloves shrink even a little bit after a few washes, in which case they'd be definitely too small for me. So, be aware, if you hands are even a bit larger than mine, then the L size is more likely to fit you better.

Besides the sizing, I really like how they feel. Naturally, I have yet to see how they perform, but I like the style, the form, and the material. The fleece fabric on both thumbs will be of great use during my fall/winter riding. Although the material is not thick by any means it feels like I will be comfortably warm in them when the colder temps hit. They definitely feel warmer than any of my fall gloves I have had. And because the padding is not at all bulky, which I like, I plan to use them for xc-skiing too.