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Anonymouswrote a review of on August 24, 2007

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I should start off by saying I am a man, not a woman. But weighing less than 120 pounds with a 28 inch waist the men's version of this pack did not fit right -- especially in the hip belt.
Downsides: (1) The pack is not especially light -- and I felt it on the trail. If you want a light pack get an Osprey. (2) The pack is quite expensive -- you'd have to look hard to find more pricey gear at 50 liters. This pack is for the truly self indulgent (yep, that's me).
Upsides: (1) It's waterproof. (2) It has a simple, clean design without all those fussy little details that crowd cheaper gear trying hard to look expensive. (3) It's tough and very well made. (4) It looks great.
The colors are a bit of a stretch -- I wouldn't be seen carrying a lime green pack and I'm quite in touch with my "feminine side." But the sapphire one was tolerable yet distinctive.
I wish I was buying the thing now -- $50 off regular price is better than a kick in the teeth.