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Anniewrote a review of on November 25, 2011

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I am a professional guide-- and I wear these. They are light, yet durable, the EASIEST on an off off any snowshoe I've ever worn (and trust me, I've worn them all) and I haven't had a single problem.
Just to comment on a few of the reviews/questions here: If they are sinking, you bought too small a pair. Go with the 27s unless you are 100 lbs or plan to always be on packed trails. If the toe area is fraying, your boots are probably rubbing, so move you foot farther back before you tighten your straps. The thing about MSR being more versatile because you can add tails- its crap. The MSR bindings are a pain to put on and take off, they feel like bricks on your feet, and if you have hips and actually need a woman's style snowshoes, the taper in Atlas really keeps you from tripping over your tails- when MSR doesn't. Go Atlas all the way!