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Anirakwrote a review of on June 3, 2010

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I was nervous when I first tried them on because they have so much arch support it felt like I had rocks in my shoes! But two miles into a hike, I completely forgot about it. The support is probably a really healthy feature and I quickly got used to it. They're super comfortable shoes. I especially like how wide the toe box is, since most hiking shoes have a toe that's more pointed. (I always order wides in Chacos, etc.) These shoes give my toes plenty of wiggle room, but my heel still fits snug, so I'm not sliding around. They've performed well so far on wet terrain and rocky trails, and I wear them mountain biking and they feel stellar. I recommend them for a great look and comfort. I can't vouch for their sturdiness cuz the longest hike I've taken them on is a 10 miler.