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Andywrote a review of on April 2, 2010

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This is the first online review I've felt compelled to write. There are so many multi-tools to choose from, and online they all look so similar, let help you - this tool absolutely delivers.

This tool has been the only multi-tool in my fishing vest, on my ski trips and on my boat. It still works like the day my dad gave it to me, what I think was over 10 years ago. Ive dropped it in the river and wanted it back bad enough to put my head under to reach in to get it out. Its been left to rot covered in trout roe wet in my vest. Its been dropped in the sand, and down in the rocks. After I packed the guts with grit and filth, the tool lock mechanism started to get stiff, so 5 minutes with some WD-40 and it was good as new, and that's all the cleaning it has required in all the years of service.

The things ive liked the best - easy in and out of the tools if you dont fold it totally away every time, and when you need real strength for a job, like a tough screw or knife cut, you can pull the pliers back down in and lock the tool out, and its rock solid for the work. Pliers are solid as well.

I had another multi-tool, and its stuffed in a back drawer somewhere not being used, while this one is still in the holster on my beltloop or in the vest every time I go fishing.

You wont be sorry. Im glad to see they're still for sale in case I ever lose mine.