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Andrew Munro

Andrew Munro

Andrew Munro

Andrew Munrowrote a review of on February 5, 2012

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A few years ago I bought this jacket for it's weight and size when it's all packed up, though when I was hit by a storm and had to use the jacket I was fairly let down, the fabric didn't breath properly, and in fact water was seeping through onto me, considering I'd had the jacket only 2 months and it had only seen showers I called the Mountain Hardwear suppliers for New Zealand, and was told it wasn't the jackets fault, it just needs reproofing and then recommended a few different items to me to do it (I would never expect to have to proof my own waterproof jacket, at least not for the first year or so).

Reading through though, I see a lot of people who are more than happy, so it's entirely possible I just had the 1 in a million that slipped through the cracks in MH's quality control.