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Amy Leigh

Amy Leighwrote a review of on October 26, 2004

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This is a perfect ultralight cookset for one person. It could come up a bit short if you need enough water for two meals, and I have used it primarily as a tool for boiling water. However, if I do try "actual cooking" in the pot, I believe it will work better than in other set because of the depth-other pots are much shallower and therefore prone to liquid boiling over, etc. Since the pot fits down into the mug, the interior of the pot is free to pack in a micro stove or whatever (as opposed to other "nested" sets, which, though they fit together, they represent an overall bulk item in your pack). Also, in response to the reviewer who said the lid doesn't fit the mug, actually if you flip it over it does fit over the mug (just not tightly inside like it does in the pot). I'm impressed with the quality and highly recommend this set.