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Amos Eno

Amos Enowrote a review of on February 23, 2009

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I liked these bindings for awhile and they were really good for just about everything but then I started running into problems. I got them in the spring of last year on sale (around March), and they were fine except I could never quite get the toe strap to fit without causing pressure on my boots. Then this year problems started occurring. On the hill one day the binding jammed so that I couldn't take it off. It was an easy fix once I got off the hill, but it meant I had to get on and off lifts switch, not fun. Then the ratchets would start coming loose so whenever I made hard ollies or something my foot would come loose in the binding. The final straw was cracking the top sheet that covers the baseplate, not covered on warranty, last weekend. Game over for my Forces.