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Amiel F.

Amiel F.

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Amiel F.

Amiel F.wrote a review of on October 16, 2006

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The ascender I purchased was a right-handed unit. I took it out on my last caving venture, and loved it. The quality of the cam looks kind of cheap because it is chromed over but that didn’t affect the performance when ascending out. The chrome makes one curious about the material of the cam itself. It proved itself reliable with 230 lbs of weight dangling on the device. The hand grip is comfortable. I recommend getting the left-hand unit as well, especially if placing dependency primarily at the hands to climb. I plan on purchasing the left-hand unit next week. Both would really make a climb safer for those depending mainly on the ascender and having limited grip at the feet. I was able to shoot out of muddy cave entrance with great ease using the Ascension.