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Alpine Alliwrote a review of on August 12, 2015

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

OK, so it's a bike bag, but......

My family and I cross deserts, mountains, jungles, and the occasional scary supermarket car-park in our expedition 4x4. The trusty Mountainsmith Cube always goes in the trunk for our travels. It is is the perfect size for carrying:
- An MSR Flex 4 cooking System
- A normal 14-inch fry pan with two "D" handles, one on either side, so it fits a lot of food but packs in the Cube easily
- Some GSI Stainless Stemless Wine Glasses
- An MSR Whisperlite, Dragonfly or equivalent stove plus fuel bottles, or if you travel really rough keep these separate in case the fuel leaks
- The tool roll is the perfect size to stash knives, forks and spoons, sharp knives with blade covers, spatulas, tongs and other kitchen implements, the same ones we use at home
- A normal cutting board and flat style cheese-grater
- A roll of aluminum foil for cooking potatoes on the fire
- A roll of kitchen paper towel for wiping up
- Spices and condiments in a bag
- Coffee, tea and sugar (brew gear) in a Tupperware-type box
- Porridge oats for breakfast in a Tupperware-type box
- Sultanas, dried cranberries, etc for adding to porridge
- A can of olive oil spray for cooking
- A box of matches, plus a second box of matches, because you always misplace the first one; plus
- Room to spare...

Washing up gear is stored in the SUV separately. Lunch and dinner food is stored in the SUV separately. But for breakfasts, a hot cuppa, and getting any meal started, everything we need is in one Mountainsmith Cube.

Seriously, this Cube maaaaaaay be good for bike peeps with their waxed legs and self-righteous attitudes, but it is AWESOME for organizing your car camping!!!!

The standard Cube works almost as well, you just need to find a tool roll or equivalent for your knives, forks, spoons and longer items like spatulas.

Disclaimer: No bike riders were harmed in making of this review