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AlpUpwrote a review of on September 22, 2006

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Took the shelter on series of trails around Colorado. It rained several times. I must have missed sealing some seams in the peaks of the tent, because beads of water were streaming down the inside, and a steady drip was soaking my down bag. This was on the third consecutive night of rain, and it was coming down pretty hard. I found ventilation was poor, and it took an hour to dry the tent out in the sun. Also, the ground clearance permits water to splash under the tent. Ground clearance is adjustable but limits internal volume, significantly, the lower you go. The Betamid might be cheap, but you have to seal the seams yourself, there are much lighter tarp tents, and there are tarp tents that breath better due to vents at the top so you don't have to dry it as long or store it as wet. The MSR Twin Peaks is super light and its seams are factory sealed. The OR Night Haven is heavier, but has some sweet features - compared to the Betamid, the adjustable buckles feature is a great idea; proper tension on the Betamid is hard to come by.