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Allen Sanderson

Allen Sandersonwrote a review of on July 21, 2010

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For the past 20 years I have been using my old Salewa Chouinard Rigids and Messner Stepins for alpine climbing. They have performed quite well especially given that most of the more "modern" crampons have been heavier and are not any more functional. I complemented these with an old pair of Footfangs for steep ice.This past winter I decided it was time modernize. After looking at most of the crampons currently on the market I decided on a pair of Darts for ice and Dartwins for alpine climbing. Several things drew me to these crampons. The simplistic yet functional aspects of their design. They are easy to adjust and easy to put on. They are also lighter and more compact than my old Salewas. I liked being able to take them off and put them in my pack rather than strap them on. Though put them in a bag lest you want to shred your pack on its contents.I also like the ability to swap out the front half when necessary while having options for the bail. For the Dartwins I have the traditional bail while for my Darts they have the side bail (which takes a bit of getting used to using).My first climb with Darts was on an ice climb here in Oootah that had not formed up completely for many many years. Then this summer I used the Dartwins on a week long trip to the Cascades where we got up Rainier, Adams, and Hood. They worked very nicely in a variety of conditions and terrain.So well that I might actually have to get rid of my old Salewas after all these years.