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Aleewrote a review of on February 17, 2009

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These are great. Before I got my hands on the Heras I had the Elektras and the Heras were a hefty step up (which is impressive in that the Elektras are already awesome for the price). I use the Heras primarily for bouldering mainly just because I boulder a lot more than I do anything else. The rubber is sticky and smearing is great. The toe rand looks promising but I rarely get to toe hook much stuff even when I'm climbing overhang. The sole is nice and stiff enough for general purposes but definitely not as stiff as rock shoes get. This is fine in that they edge well enough for general purposes and are nicely sensitive. At times (when I do actually lead or top rope or whatever) near the end of painfully long pitches they do get slick and my feet slide a bit, but this is mainly due to my abnormally narrow feet. The heel doesn't pinch painfully like the blue womens Anasazi velcros, but this does make heel hooking an at times uncanny pursuit especially if you have narrow heels like me. Overall, great great shoe. It makes up for my foot's shortcomings as best as it can.