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Aldous Schenk

Aldous Schenkwrote a review of on January 13, 2011

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Man, I hated tugging on frozen laces, trying to snug up boots that, let's face it, are just going to loosen themselves up. Entropy.

So I figured I can keep on doing that like a caveman striking two flints together, or I could get myself a Zippo. A grunting yank with icy fingers, or a twist of a sexy knurled knob that winches up superfine aerospace-grade steel cables to harness my dogs? Hmmm. I have boney ankles, too, always had heel lift with every boot I've owned, but the Judge's air bladder fills everything out perfectly. Instant custom fit. Angels started singing, son.

Other stuff: well-insulated, all-day comfortable, space for hand warmers in the insole. I ride all mountain and the Judge is stiff enough, can't speak to the boot's park-worthiness. Styling? Function is form, bizzitches, but they make 'em in 'colorways' and all that steez for girls, and boys who want to look like one.

No, seriously, bring whatever style you want. Love you kids.

DC Judge: really well-designed, super cozy, wouldn't ride anything else. Along with Gnu Mutant Fastec bindings I feel like this is the best you can do re: interface between flesh and plank. State of the art.