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Alan2219264-0wrote a review of on June 11, 2009

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I love the Platypus Hyperflow valve - but switched to a Camelbak Big Bite valve (almost as good) only because it had much more effective cover...

Well things have changed - the new cover brings Playtpus up to par. I still prefer the Camelbak valve cover slightly - its smaller (so's the bite valve) and seems to stay on just slightly better under abuse...

However the platypus seals very well (in all normal use) and also has a little hole which you can use to hook it to your pack strap.

So now I'm using the hyperflow bite valve with this new cover. Note that Platypus sells this as a duo pack with a new insulated hose cover (improved materials)...





Alan2219264-0wrote a question about on May 16, 2008

Does the helios burner also work with the existing PCS & GCS pots - is the fluxring size the same? I like the cold weather performance & better stability - but would also like the flexibility to use the smaller pots for overnights and single cooking. e.g. I have been using the GCS pot with a white gas stove for exactly these reasons...