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Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor

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Alan Taylor

Alan Taylorwrote a review of on April 11, 2012

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I've been very happy with the Omnifuel for my trips in the Scottish mountains & still think it's head & shoulders above the competition. However,after a few nights away with the Omnilite I must say that, given the weight difference, it just has the edge. I tend to use mostly Kerosene as it's way cheaper than white gas here in the UK. I don't use Eta pots but the burn times were certainly not discernably different - not that that's an issue for me in most circumstances.

It simmers well & is as stable as it's big brother. I also like the fact that the burner, although smaller, will fit into a Trangia with the proper convertor kit - again just like the Omnifuel. Great piece of kit!!