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Alan McNeil

Alan McNeilwrote a review of on March 4, 2012

5 5

Just upgraded recently from salamon snapsi boots
To DC judge 2012 if there is a better snowboad
Boot it must really be something special. Having decided on a dual boa system it quickly narrowed my options down. The dual boa system is quite frankly outstanding gone are the days of huffing and puffing laces only not for them to feel quite right. I started with the Ride insano although the reviews on the whole were very good it became quite clear that there was a ankle problem being
Highlighted by a number of reviews it baffles me how boots that hurt can merit a 5/5. The flex rating was reviewed as very stiff and the inner lace system had a massive locking clip that would surely hurt. Digging deeper left only one option the DC Judge I opted for the cami/ black option having struggled to get a pair locally I decided to look on line. There were reviews that stated u should size up with the DC judge. I decided to confirm my actual size in two local kit shops both coming up at uk 8 us 9 mondo 27 both shops recommended mondo 27.5 US 9.5. Checked my current boots and they were exactly the same size!!! When they arrive I had my doubts although my toes were not
Crushed they were touching, knowing full well the Alpha liner would mould I decided to give them a try - PERFECT FIT. I class myself as high end
Intermediate boarder and as such would recommend these Judges to any beginner inter and beyond. Love the three diff colour options they come in black cami/black white/blue, The dual boa system has to be used to be believed u can set ur boots in seconds to the perfect fit and adjust likewise, the tread is a light weight rubber combination I found them really stable and non slip ESP when stomp padding off lifts. Even standing up and pushing down on the boots the flex on the sole is outstanding and would Absorb any air. Down side if there is one and it's more a niggle than a problem - the power strap on the liner loops though a Velcro loop on the liner tonge and seem a bit fiddly, but if this helps with the over all fit of the boot / liner it's worth the niggle. I got mine end of season at $196 but would have paid much more knowing how good they are. Main plus dual boa
Lace system, 3d alpha liner, comfort easy adjusted fit rated at 7 stiffness I found it fully adjustable. Easy of fit removal. Light weight, very responsive
On both heel and toe side. I use burton P1 bindings and the reinforced toe on the judge grips the P1 toe cap Bril. Rating i knew DC Judges were good but not this good 100/100