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Aimeewrote a review of on January 11, 2012

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I just got this tent for Christmas, and we took it in its maiden voyage on New Years Eve in the local mountains in Southern California. Super light and easy to carry in my pack. We easily assembled it in the dark and it kept us snug as a bug in our sleeping bags... But it didn't drop below 50 degrees (ah, the lovely "winters" in L.A.!). We noticed that the fly doesn't really "seal" to the ground nor the tent..., and since the tent is essentially mesh, we were concerned if we were camping in a cold wet wind (like we did in Grass Valley, CA in Nov) if we would actually stay dry and warm -- we had a different tent at the time.... I never expected this tent to be adequate in snow (duh) but since it is a "three season tent" I'd expect it to hold up in most of California year round (Sacramento and south). Or at least retain heat and keep out wind for nights where it drops to 30. But I don't see how this tent can do this. So, I am considering exchanging/upgrading it..... If you have some cold weather experiences with this tent, please pass it along!!! I want to keep this tent, really!