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Aata Von Ordway

Aata Von Ordway

so cali .... MT. hIGh

Aata Von Ordway's Bio

been riding since i was a youngster... try to ride as much as possible between work and school. probably ride 2-3 times a week, when in season.

Aata Von Ordway

Aata Von Ordwaywrote a review of on November 25, 2009

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this is a great helmet. I have never been one to rock a helmet, but recently i took a dig and bumped my head pretty good, so this season i decided to pick one up. the helmet fits great on my huge dome, so if you have a good sized head... the sizing chart will definitely help you out. the SOUND QUALITY is great. i just hook it up to my pod and ride along... its totally stylish and does not look at all like the old school helmets ive seen in the past, totally styley. PICK IT UP, its a steal to get it for the price its at. totally worth my time researching and buying it.