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A.M.wrote a review of on June 29, 2010

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Color: I ordered a slate jacket. The color is better in person, it's a dark gray and the pink is much darker than on the picture, it's not neon or anything. It's more like the color of raspberry flavored hard candy, or like the raspberry color in the VS magazines. I saw a coffee bean one at a store and it was more of a brown with a hint of olive green than a coffee bean color, and the zippers were more of a neon yellow than a creme color like it appears in the picture.

Jacket: The jacket is awesome, but it comes a little wrinkled as it comes half balled up and half folded in a bag, but the wrinkles go away after it's been hanging up for about an hour or two. It's the most comfortable jacket I've ever had. It keeps me very warm but doesn't make me too hot when it's not very cold.

Size: I did a lot of size research before ordering and got a lot of mixed information. I don't think Arc'teryx runs small for those with athletic builds, but I can see how a wide statured person could say that. The size charts work very well. I am exactly an XS by the size chart, am 5'5", and my torso length is exactly the length of my legs (sounds odd to mention but some people have shorter torsos and some have longer and it definitely matters for this jacket). If you have a short torso, you don't have to worry about this but if you don't and if you wear low cut pants like I do (pants seam sits at top of hip bone and curves down a little in the front at the button/zipper) and you don't want a sliver of your belly to be exposed to the cold if you move around you should get one size up from the size chart. But, if you want the jacket to come down to where it says it's supposed to, the waist (not the "natural waist" at the belly button, but to the top hem of low cut pants), then the size chart is good to go by. If you want some overlapage, then go up a size as each size increase gives you about 1" more of length in the front of the jacket (the back of the jacket is much lower as it curves down over your butt so your skin isn't exposed when you bend over). The jacket is loose enough using the size chart to wear a sweater underneath, but small enough to still be flattering and form fitting without a sweater. It's also a little wider in the waist than I'd like, but it's not too wide to not be flattering. If you use the size chart, it fits perfectly at the shoulders and hips, but just doesn't seem to curve in quite enough at the waist to fit as perfectly as it could. This might be beneficial to women with bigger chests than the size chart specifies or maybe women with a little bit of a belly, but was a bit annoying to me. Still, a great jacket overall.