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A. Horst

A. Horst

Lanc.Cnty Parks,NW-PA & Mid Atlantic Shore

A. Horst's Passions

Hiking & Camping

A. Horst's Bio

Today was beautiful - each one I have seen, has been.
Today I also learned something about myself from the people around me.
And tonight I will sleep well. (I always do.)

Skim it/Swim it,Hike it/Race it,Ride it/Ski it,See it/Stalk it, Love this great big wonderful Life.

A. Horst

A. Horstwrote a review of on June 19, 2012

2 5

MSR needs to do a little more work on this handle. Although well designed, the material bends easily under heat. While cooking over a fire, we have to manually re-adjust the grips on every use. I'd love to own this product in a durable material. (If you're just cooking over a burner, and do not mind making manual adjustments after the product shifts, this product may work out fine for you.)




A. Horst

A. Horstwrote a review of on February 18, 2010

Good fit/functionality and endurance
4 5

I'm very happy with the crispness of material and solid zippers after over 60 days of multi size packing and some airline overhead bin time.The cinch ties pull it in nice and tight for using as a day pack, or vise versa there are plenty of ties to serve as anchor points when overloading.The fit has worked well (but I honestly do not have much technical pack experience to compare it to.)This size and make has worked very good as a 'Do all' backpack; 15deg. maxed to capacity with two sets of skis and poles anchored through bottom loops / or 75 deg. 5mile mountain run with plenty of water weight.It's a great full spectrum bag, that's still looking good.My only hangups: The gregory rainfly is chunky (and necessary), and I find myself wishing for more compartmentalized pockets to access while on the trail.