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A Hwrote a review of on January 26, 2011

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I decided to write a review for current shoppers, since they were so helpful for me. I'm petite about 5'3", XS/S frame. The price is a bit much, but Ospreys are the best packs out there and it's worth the value. Also, I was able to get a pro-deal discount. I wouldn't buy this if you plan on using it once or twice in your life or for "easy" travelling. I searched and researched a dozen packs; in addition to the technical information, this pack lives up to its reviews. For one, I love this pack especially since blue is my favorite color- regardless I would have purchased it.

I bought this pack because I'm travelling abroad more and moved abroad potentially long term. I needed something easy to carry, practical, portable, and to use any space on my body able to carry luggage (a back, shoulders, hands).

My biggest concern was having enough room to pack what I wanted (I'm an over-packer), but unless I'm going on a serious expedition, anything bigger might look a little ridiculous. I'm happy with all the room I have in this pack. It's definitely light-weight. Bracing to lift a pack packed to capacity can be intimidating but whenever I go to lift my pack it's much lighter than I expected. I've packed winter clothes (light to heavy layers) including sneakers and boots for three to five days. It's super comfortable, the arm straps are adjustable and the waist straps mold to your shape! This makes carrying a heavy pack for 2-3 days through airports much more bearable- you "almost" forget you're wearing it.

There are enough pockets for organization (I love pockets). The side zipper is incredibly efficient for easy access. The lid comes off as a lumber pack which is also incredibly efficient. I wear it for day trips or 2-3 trips where I know I won't need more than/can't carry more than soap and a clean pair of underwear. I'm able to fit items such as a small can of peanuts, camera, small med kit, 32 oz. Nalgene, large flashlight, fruit in it all at once...I've brought these items with me on day hikes through mountains. My only complaint is that the sleeping bag compartment is a bit small. Then again, I haven't tried just stuffing it in there, rather than a huge neatly rolled sleeping bag.

My pack has also survived going through airports without a pack cover. I wish I had bought one, just in case. I've also carried it on planes. This is my first pack, so I have nothing to compare it to.

The costumer rep was also very quick and happy to respond with any questions I had.