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5 day get away

5 day get away

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5 day get away

5 day get awaywrote a review of on April 6, 2013

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I got this board for ice coast conditions after I had been riding on my first board for quite some time. Couldn't wait to try the rocker and Mag-Trac everyone had been raving about. This board is super sick, like doing toe and rear side rotations while riding just because they were that effortless. Board is Super stable at high speeds, no chatter at anytime. It is a little on the stiffer side but is still butterable with some leg strength. It can turn on a dime and handle anything thrown at it. I really didn't get into any deep pow with it yet only a few inches of fresh on top of a nice base but it performed like a top. I have nothing bad to say about it. This board is for an all-mountain rider/ hard charger that's why I got it. Now I need a ground tricks slow speed rail board. Probably will get a skate banana or an artifact rocker.