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Primus Primetech Stove Set

$169.95 - $179.95

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  • One Color, 1.3L
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A prime cooking option.

Cooking in the backcountry always seems like a compromise; either you're cooking something easy and fast, or you're spending too much time fighting wind and inefficiency to make something substantial. But with the Primus Primetech Stove Set, it's easier to reach a middle ground of solid wind protection and varied cooking options. 

When combined, the stove's heat exchanger, wind guard, and optimized burner render the Primetech's fuel consumption half that of the average camp stove, so you no longer have to choose between eating a hot meal or having potable water to drink. But the coolest thing about the Primetech is its ability to fine-tune heat intensity, so you don't have to fuse mac & cheese fragments into the bottom of your pot just to ward off the blue box blues.   
  • A fully-integrated camp stove for cooking at camp
  • Wind guard couples with burner for efficiency
  • Half the fuel consumption of average camp stoves
  • Regulator allows fine-tuning heat, simmering
  • Includes pan and saucepan with non-stick for easy cleaning
  • Lid has integrated strainer for easy pasta straining
  • Piezo ignition easy to light, even in wind
  • Aluminum tongs included
  • Item #PMS002H

Fuel Type
Piezo Ignition
2 pots, stove + regulator, colander lid, tongs, carry bag
Fuel Bottle/Canister Included
Claimed Weight
1lb 14oz
Recommended Use
backpacking, camping
Manufacturer Warranty

Tech Specs

California Proposition 65


This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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>Rating: 5

High Quality Stove Set

I've used it several times

Primus has delivered a workhorse of a stove system that is well designed for a wide range of uses, primarily backpacking. I really love how modular the PrimeTech kit is that I can pair it down and remove pieces to lighten it up for somewhat fast and light trips or I can keep it in its original form for extended trips in the backcountry. The built-in heat exchanger on the ceramic non-stick PrimeTech pan was a very nice touch to increase speed and efficiency with the limited gas you can carry. The only thing I wish Primus would change would be to include an adapter to accept white gas for cold weather conditions.

You can use the stove in cold conditions by inverting the fuel canister, it is designed to work that way.

>Rating: 5

Incredible stove for backpacking

I've used it several times

While on a backpacking trip in the Sipsey Wilderness in Alabama a few weekends ago I got to try out the Primus stove as a Ranger for The Dyrt. Since we camped several nights and tried out a variety of different styles of backpacking meals I got to put the stove through multiple conditions. Overall, this is by far the best backpacking stove I have ever used giving even consistent heat, a stable cooking surface, and efficient fuel use. It is also very reasonably priced considering the number of components that are included and comes in at a weight that makes it perfect for most backpacking situations. If you haven’t checked out Primus’s line of stoves and cookware yet I would highly suggest seriously considering them when looking to upgrade your backpacking cook set. A few specific features I really liked about the stove are the efficiency, packability, and cooking performance. Read on for my comments about each. Efficiency: The set comes with 2 pots and a burner with built-in windscreen and heat transfer systems. This meant that I was able to get a freshly pumped pot full of cold river water (roughly 1.3L) to a full boil in under 4 min. I was able to use less fuel to prepare my meals and bring less along while still having spare fuel as a backup. The included lid also helped to maintain heat retention in the pot which meant I didn’t have to reheat the water while prepping other parts of the dish in the other pot. Finally, we were dealing with a significant amount of wind at the site and it didn’t affect the burner or efficiency thanks to the well designed built-in windscreen. Packability: The stove is designed so that all the components pack together into the larger pot and then fit into the carrying case which cinches closed. This design means that there is no mess that you get from liquid fuel stoves and no lost components at the bottom of your bag. It also ends up being a shape that is easy to cram into the little nooks and crevices left in your bag after packing the bigger heavier items. Cooking Performance: I am incorporating a few things into this section since I just didn’t want to leave any of my favorite features out. First, DURABLE NONSTICK, seriously, they made a durable nonstick surface that is lightweight and provides even heat. I was skeptical but have now used it multiple times with both plastic and metal utensils and it doesn’t even show a scratch. I cooked vegetarian sausage, rehydrated rice and beans, fried eggs, and boiled water and every time the pot ended up completely clean with no work but a little rubbing with my hands under running water. The locking tong handle means less weight since it works for both pots but provides stability since it locks onto the pot being used. It also has a protective guard so it doesn’t damage the pot and helps to act as a heat guard so the handle doesn’t burn you. Finally, since the design is nesting during cooking and the gas attachment is a hose the full setup sits stably on the ground and has no chance of tipping during cooking, even if on uneven ground. This is a necessary feature for me since I have had multiple dirt eating situations where my pot tipped and I was forced to scoop my now dirty food back into the pot...

>Rating: 5

Great lil stove

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

On this trip I used the Primus 2.3L Primetech Stove. This is a nice bigger unit good for multiparty use. It comes with 2 pots; one anodized and one ceramic, a case, a burner base, a detachable handle, a clear lid with a built in colander and an igniter. This stove is really light just weighing in at 30.6 oz. I cooked rice in mine and it had the water beginning to boil in 1 min 45 seconds and by 3 minutes 15 seconds it was at a full roaring boil. I didnt have a chance to clean it the night I used it but the next day even with the food dried onto it, cleanup was effortless. Everything wiped right out, no scrubbing required! Because of the convenience and lightness of this it fits in my hiking backpack and I will be using it on overnight hiking trips. I love that everything can all fit together and go into the carrying case. This is fast assembly (within minutes you can use it)