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Primus Omnilite TI Stove



Forget the kitchen sink.

The Primus Omnilite Ti Stove is Primus' most advanced camp stove ever. the lightweight, durable OmniLite Ti burns just about everything but water, folds into tiny size, and includes everything you need for a good dinner except the food.
  • Super-lightweight due to its titanium stove body and pot supports
  • Burns butane, gasoline, diesel, white gas, kerosene, and aviation fuel
  • Glove-friendly flame control knob
  • Includes ErgoPump, multi-tool with cleaning needle, foldable windscreen, heat reflector, 0.35L fuel bottle, and storage bag
  • Item #PMS0092

Fuel Type
all liquid fuels
Boil Time
2.4 min/L
Burn Time
100 min
Heat Output
8900 BTU
Fuel Bottle/Canister Included
4.5 x 3.6 x 2.2 in
Claimed Weight
Recommended Use
ultralight backpacking
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Tech Specs

California Proposition 65


This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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>Rating: 5

Great Expedition Stove

I've put it through the wringer

I don't write reviews often at all, but this is a great stove! I've used it on multiple winter trips for melting snow and 2-3 week packrafting trips throughout Alaska. This stove is rock solid and is my goto stove for just about any trip. I always run the stove on Coleman fuel or kerosene (I hate iso butane canisters), with a preference for kerosene and use a small amount of alcohol to preheat the stove instead of using the stove fuel to prime - this reduces the sooty mess that collects on the stove when priming (also helps keep the fuel nozzle clean). There seem to be many folks that have issues with the jet clogging, that is usually because there is a small amount of machining grease on the control valve spindle in new stoves that have one (Dragonfly, Nova, Polaris, Omnifuel etc,). Those spindles will make debris in the stove body when burned, so you really need to burn in a new stove for a few minutes then strip the control valve and clean it before heavy use. Also the cleaner/pricker just pushes crap back into the stove, if it's clogging a lot you might have a bigger particle than the nozzle opening - remove the jet and shake the stove out. You just don't notice that as much on stoves with an internal shaker/cleaner. Primus support is top notch. I purchased a 10 year old Omnifuel used that had a leak in the pump, when I called and asked for a single o-ring they sent me a new pump. Another time, I asked for a spare burner bell so I could leave my silent cap in one, they sent me an entire burner bell, stove body, and control valve for fee. I've used many other stoves MSR Dragonfly, whisperlite, SVEA 123, older Primus/Optimus brass kerosene stoves (numbers 00, 96, 210). This stove is the one that I would pick over the lot for any trip I go in in Alaska during the winter.

>Rating: 1

Failed during Brooks range trip.

I've used it several times

This stove continually clogs and needs to be cleaned before each use. I bought this stove for a 7 day Brooks Range trip and had problems after only 3 days. I even tested and ran the stove on a 3 day backpacking trip before leaving. Even after cleaning the nozzle, it would sputter and clog before I could boil water. Luckily my expedition partner let me use his MSR whisperlite which performed flawlessly. Primus customer service is worthless and would not respond to my messages to make a claim against the 1-year warranty.

>Rating: 2

Clogs all the time.

I've put it through the wringer

I did a lot of research a year ago when I bought this stove. It was replacing a coleman feather weight that we had used hard for 15 year. Sadly coleman no longer makes the stove. So I buy this stove last fall. I only used it a few times during the winter for outdoor cooking in10F weather on my deck. Worked great. So I take it on a wilderness canoe trip last week, and run barley 500ml of coleman fuel through it. I needed to clean it every day, and finally had to remove the jet and scrape out tons of carbon. Ridiculous amounts of maintenance needed to keep the stove running. The really sad part is I purchased 2 of these. One for me and one for my son's birthday. He is having the exact same problem. There are also reviews about cup deformation and the flame spreader falling off. Both of these have already happened to mine. And with less that 500 ml fuel being put through it. I would not recommend!

>Rating: 5

Brilliant piece of kit.

I've used it several times

I've been using the original full weight omni fuel for years and while the Titanium isn't as stiff and the unit doesn't feel as solid (not tested to destruction so this might be an impression only) as the stainless model, normal use should be no problem. The ability to throttle the Ti model seems a bit better than the original although both are very good in this respect. Wouldn't use anything other than the omnifuels. Just be sure to change out the o-rings every 5 years or so, the only failure I've had was a trip to Nepal in sub zero temps. Unit tested fine before the trip in the tropics but the o-ring was old and suspect the cold was the last straw for it.

>Rating: 2

Great Idea, Poor Execution

I've put it through the wringer

A lightweight Titanium multi fuel stove is an excellent idea, and i don't know why other big name companies haven't done this before. That being said there are two major design flaws that make this stove unreliable and therefore worthless on important expeditions. 1. The Leather Pump Cup. - I'm aware that primus claims that the Leather pump cup is more reliable because it is not affected by cold or something, but ive never had a problem with my MSR pump made of rubber even in temps down to -20F. The leather dries out, deforms, cracks, and fails, even with lubrication and maintenance. 2. The Tiny Fuel Jet - The Fuel jet on the Primus stoves have a much smaller diameter hole than the MSR stoves, and this leads to constant clogging of the jet. Almost every time I run the stove it will stop dead in the middle of operation. No gas is being released even though there is pressure in the fuel bottle. When i use the Jet cleaning tool provided, it sputters back to life only to shut off again as soon as I can get the Stove lit again. So in conclusion, I would say to avoid this stove and look at other options. Not reliable and it could let you down like it let me down many times. I had to use my Buddies MRE chemical heaters when this stove failed at 13,000'.

>Rating: 1

defective threads

I returned this product before using it

Upon opening, I found that I could not screw the pump assembly onto the bottle without forcing. It turned out that both the female threads on the bottle and the male threads on the pump assemble were defective ( the new pump would not screw easily into a known good fuel bottle and the new fuel bottle would not easily screw into a known good pump). I'm greatly disappointed in the quality for the $$ spent and also the quality control of Primus. A tag on the pump stated that it was inspected and found to be 'Expedition Ready'. How could it be expedition ready if I couldn't even assemble the components without difficulty? Returned and disappointed.

>Rating: 3

Clogging issue

I've put it through the wringer

Owned the stove for three years and have been very impressed with its minimal weight, size and great power and simmering ability. In the past year, however, the stove has clogged up several times (I only use white gas) and to the point where it has become non repairable in the field or at home. I sent back to Primus for repair and issue persisted. Not going to give up on this stove but may need a new one to get confidence back.

>Rating: 5

Excellent stove

I've put it through the wringer

Just completed the John Muir Trail. The stove cooked 2 meals a day for 23 days and not a single problem. Boils water fast and simmers great. Love it.

>Rating: 5

Probably the best

This probably has to be the best burner on the market. Extremely reliable, well built, and simmers well. Don't take any chances with any other burner. This is well worth the money.

I have had the same clogging problem as the other reviewer, problem is due to the much smaller diameter fuel nozzles compared to the much more reliable MSR liquid fuel stoves. Yes it is very light and well built but It has failed me too many times, most notably when i needed it when camping at 13,000' for a 3 week trip. If you need reliability go with MSR (Or other brands, i'm only familiar with the MSR stoves and the Omnilite Ti so i cant speak for others). If you're a weekend warrior and don't rely on your stove for more than a few nights than this might be an option, but in that case why not go with the lighter weight (And hotter burn temp) of a canister stove?

>Rating: 5

awesome stove

I've used it several times

it took me about a month to make the decision to buy this stove and from day one i have not regretted it. i truly wanted to buy USA Made but the fact that this one is lightweight, strong, SIMMERS, has a metal pump and a nifty way to drain the fuel line, i went with it instead. i seldom run it on full blast, as i use it mostly for cooking, that's why i really wanted to stove that was made to simmer. it seems to be extremely fuel efficient as well. i really like flipping the fuel bottle over and draining the existing fuel from the line, preventing any fuel spills if i were to disconnect the stove. everything about the stove appears to be high quality and i like how it stows away. the only thing i would've liked better is if it had a priming cup instead of a fiber priming pad, as the pad will eventually need replacement and i imagine a cup would last indefinitely. that being said, after all the use i've put the stove through, the priming pad still looks brand new so this is encouraging. but i do go kind of light during the priming step, just enough heat to atomize the fuel. with the metal pump construction, i cannot see how it could break either. wonderful unit, very pleased. i definitely recommend this stove.

Sooner or later the original priming pad will burn. I can offer you a nice tip to make a priming cup, if you are a DIY/MYOG guy. The cup will be made from an aluminium tea light candle or better an aluminium cap from an olive oil bottle (the larger bottles, 32 oz / 1 liter and remove the plastic from the cap). 1. Cut the cup to a ~5mm wall height, just enough to contain ~3 ml of liquid (measure with a syringe before cutting). 2. Disassemble the stove - the brass bell burner should be free, outside the legs part. The cup will be put exactly in place of the pad, so measure the diameter of the central ax part. 3. Make a hole exactly in the center cup, with the above measured diameter. 4. Put the cup in place, and seal the fitting in the center using high temperature resistant silicone (don't use epoxy like JB Weld, it will crack in time). 4. Assemble the stove and allow silicone to cure (usually 24h) Using this kind of cup on my classic Omnifuel, I usually prime in summer time with just 1 ml of denatured alcohol (90% ethanol). In winter below freezing temp I use 2 to 3 ml of alcohol. This is another tip for petroleum stoves - prime with alcohol, not regular fuel. The alcohol burns very clean, no soot on your stove. I use a small dripper bottle (30ml) from Nalgene to put the alcohol in the aluminium cup.

>Rating: 5

Awesome, versatile

I've put it through the wringer

This stove is my favorite. I also own MSR XGK EX, Dragonfly, Primus/trangia X2, Primus Omnifuel and many more. The omnilite works the very best with smaller potts with a heat exchanger (primus eta potts). The flame is not spread very wide so it will concentrate the heat in the centre as compared to XGK and omnifuel. The 2:40 boil time as advertised was only achievable after contacting primus and getting their exact test conditions. for example they start out with water that is 20 degrees celsius and stop the test at 95! They claimed all companies do the same. In some of my own tests the Omnilite is faster than even the xgk and in other tests the xgk is faster. The variable that decides this is the pott used. With an adapter this stove fits into the trangia to allow for a multi fuel option here. It takes around 5 minutes to unscrew the burner and refit it into the adapter. (on some newer trangias you must drill a hole for the flame adjuster)

Hi Thomas I'm considering buying a new MF stove, but I'm undecided between the Omnilite and the Omnifuel... seeing as you own both, and others, I hope that you'll help make up my mind :) My main concern over this stove is whether it's suitable for cooking (not just boiling water) for 3 to 5 or 6 people... so using it with bigger pots... the Omnifuel would probably be better for this, but would the Omnilite be outright annoying/bad for this? I'd also like the stove to be useful in summer with canister gas, so it shouldn't be too heavy.

>Rating: 5


I've used it several times

I think this stove is best in it's class. I also own and have used extensively an older MSR XGKII, Dragonfly, Whisperlite, etc. It is a great mix between the full on power of the XGK line with the fine-tune simmer ability of the Dragonfly. It weighs less than either and packs smaller. PLUS it lets you use gas canisters or liquid or both on a trip. Very versitile. It is fast to boil, but not THE fastest I have used. Primus built this stove to maximize fuel efficiency, and in my garage tests, it really does use less fuel to get the pot to a boil. I prefer this over a 30 second faster boil time! Great constuction and quality!!

>Rating: 2

Not my fave

This stove never really worked right for me. It would rarely prime correctly. It think it had something to do with the bottle and the pump but i am not sure. When it did light, it would burn super loud. And the flipping the bottle over to shut off the stove didn't really work for me either. Thanks to backcountry's awesome return policy, i returned it and got an msr whisperlight universal, which I think is way better.

I had the same problem, I knew it wasn't the stove. Replaced the jet with the same jet but used a new one i had in the service kit. Works perfect know, must have been a faulty jet, probably not drilled perfect in the manufacturing process. Love it now!!!!, have fun with the MSR pumps that break all the time, bring a backup or you will be eating snow when you can't boil water to drink.

I agree, the problem seems to be the size of the fuel jet. When the Primus jet cleaning tool broke because i had to use it so often, i tried to clean it using the MSR cleaning tool (Which never gets used because MSR stoves work). The wire didn't even fit in the hole of the Primus fuel jet, because it was too large in diameter, meaning that the MSR stoves utilize a much larger hole in the fuel jet that leads to less clogging and more reliable operation. Now if only one could find a way to tap larger threads in the Primus stove to accept MSR Jets.... Hmmmm

>Rating: 4

Slow Boiling Water

Tried boiling water this evenign using an MSR pot. The lid has a few holes in it (as it can be used as a collander). Took nealy 5 minutes 30 seconds to boil a liter of water. Quite a disparity between that and the promised 2 minutes 40 seconds.

A lot of factors go into boil times. When I do tests of my Omnifuel stoves (I have three) at home (1,700 feet elevation) using white gas and well sealed pot I get boil in just over 3 minutes. At 7,000 feet with the same stoves it goes up to almost 5 minutes and with poorly sealed pots it is even longer. So I assume the 2 minutes 40 seconds is an absolute optimum condition time. The thing I like best about the Primus stoves (I have six in total) is the dependability and field servicability. I do a lot of large group hikes in back country and seem to see other parties always fiddling with their MSR stoves. If I run into issues (usually related to old gas) I can tear the Primus apart and do a quick clean and they are good as new. One trick that is probably not endorsed by Primus but that I find works is to use one nozzle larger than recommended. I am often boiling 8 to 12 litres of water on a stove and the larger nozzle uses a bit more fuel but gets a faster boil.

>Rating: 5

Solid Minimalist Stove

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Super-lightweight Well designed hardware and minimal design/footprint. Good all around stove. No complaints!

>Rating: 5

Excellent all round stove!!

I've been very happy with the Omnifuel for my trips in the Scottish mountains & still think it's head & shoulders above the competition. However,after a few nights away with the Omnilite I must say that, given the weight difference, it just has the edge. I tend to use mostly Kerosene as it's way cheaper than white gas here in the UK. I don't use Eta pots but the burn times were certainly not discernably different - not that that's an issue for me in most circumstances. It simmers well & is as stable as it's big brother. I also like the fact that the burner, although smaller, will fit into a Trangia with the proper convertor kit - again just like the Omnifuel. Great piece of kit!!

Have you tried white fuel in the stove? If so, have you noticed any major difference between the way it burns kerosene vs. white fuel?

kerosene smells really bad when you keep your stove after using it. it will make your pack smell. It also does not evaporate as quickly as white gas. I would rather go with gasoline than kerosene. Kerosene is supposedly better for the stove but I haven't had any issues burning regular gasoline.


Are there any ideas of when this will come back into stock? It would be perfect for a research experiment I'll be doing in remote locations making it a better option than any of the other liquid fuel stoves.

Looks like we've got a few on order and could have some as early as this weekend or early next week. If it were me, I'd contact one of the gear heads either through live chat or over the phone and see if they can help make sure you get one. Good luck on your research!


Hi Guys! Any idea will this stove be...

Hi Guys! Any idea will this stove be re-stock? timeline? Thanks!

Hey Mok, Nothing on its way just yet but I would hope that by our spring shipment we should have more coming in.


Hello I've registered just now to buy the...

Hello I've registered just now to buy the stove. Do you ship it to Tajikistan? Regareds

I am sorry but we are not able to ship to Tajikistan at this time.


Has anyone used kerosene or a canister...

Has anyone used kerosene or a canister with this stove? Curious how the performance compares with white fuel (which is the fuel source that I most often use)


No... But I have used moonshine. It took forever to prime and was a little finicky but it worked. YES REAL MOONSHINE.

Kerosene runs just fine, it of course doesn't burn quite as fast as the white gas but it runs! just change the jet on the stove to the proper fuel jet! As for canister fuel no I have not tried it but I'm sure it will work just as well as the white gas. however the stove comes with the small bottle for white gas and thats the perfect size for backpacking treks! i have taken it on numerous winter trips and it is the perfect size!