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About Planet Earth

Planet Earth makes the goods that'll cover your back when you're straight-lining a chute at the resort or hopping someone's fence to skate their swimming pool. The brand's modern, confident style will snag your attention faster than a roadside stand with a "Free Tamales" sign--but even more importantly, Planet Earth focuses seriously on eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. Its designers realize there's no point in pillaging the planet's resources to make a sick snowboard jacket when you could use recycled materials that actually preserve the planet (and the snowpack). So the company uses 100% organic cotton for its tees, recycled polyester for its snow sport shells, DWR coatings that are free of scary chemicals, formaldehyde-free inks and dyes, and recycled copper snaps and zipper pulls. Hell, they even put their finished products in recycled poly bags. That's real attention to sustainable style.