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Made in the USA

Pladra is proud to manufacture every one of its shirts right here in the USA and is committed to providing the highest quality, American-made clothing for your outdoor lifestyle. Wear it in the field. Wear it for comfort. Wear it for style. Buy it once. Keep it forever.

It’s in the Details

Pladra is built on the foundation of quality: Quality of fit, of materials, and of construction. While it focuses its efforts on an aesthetically pleasing design, its shirts are built primarily to function and perform. Pladra incorporates several distinctive details that make its shirts stand out from traditional flannels, including triple-needle stitching for strength, clean seam finishing, matching plaid lines, and distinctive nature scene linings.

An Inside Look

When you think of an American flannel, images of cabins, lumberjacks, and redwood forests come to mind. Pladra aims to bring this nostalgic feeing to life by lining each cuff, collar, and back yoke of its shirts with a unique nature scene. Whether you choose to show it or not, it’s nice to know your spirit animal is there for you.

Custom Portuguese Flannel

Pladra designs each plaid pattern by choosing colors, weight and finishing techniques to ensure the highest quality. These custom fabrics are woven at a mill in Portugal—Portuguese cotton is world-renowned for its softness, comfort and durability, making this flannel ideal for outdoor use.

About Pladra

Pladra’s mission is to manufacture premium flannel shirts incorporating high-quality materials and modern styling. It does this by focusing its efforts exclusively on apparel and overseeing every aspect of the production process in the US.