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Petzl Partner Compact Pulley


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Partner Compact Pulley

The extremely lightweight Petzl Partner Compact Pulley makes a highly useful tool for daily use and rescue scenarios. Whether you’re crossing a tyrolean or hauling gear, the Partner’s durable aluminum design can hack it.
  • Item #PTZ0279

Working Load
5 kN
Breaking Strength
15 kN
Claimed Weight
2 oz
Recommended Use
climbing, rescue
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Petzl Partner Pulley

I've used it several times

Efficiency beats lightweight. This is a 91% efficient pulley, so your 3:1 becomes a 2.73 assuming you have two 91% efficient pulleys. If you settle for 75% efficient pulleys it comes down to a 2.31, 70% efficient pulleys yields 2.19. This is just for a simple 3:1 set up. The more complex you go the worse it gets. You may discover your awesome 7:1 double mariner only yields a 4.59 mechanical advantage even using 80% efficient pulleys compared to a 5.32 when using 91%. Also as a side note, if you are setting up mechanical advantage always place your most efficient pulley closest to the end of the rope where you will be pulling from, and have your progress capture pulley (either by prusik or a cam such as the Micro Traxion) closest to the side of the rope where your load is.

>Rating: 5


I have several pulleys, including the Oscillante and a few Ultralegeres (to be used with an oval biner). Even though both are lighter than the Partner, they stay at home and the Partner comes along. It's far more efficient than other lighter weight pulleys, which makes it incredibly valuable in rescue and hauling situations.

>Rating: 5

Great Little Pulley

I've put it through the wringer

Pulley has extremely smooth action (to be expected from sealed ball bearings) and is a versatile little pulley that has quite a few uses. Here it is embedded into two double pulleys to create a 6:1 pulley system for longline slacklining


Using a pulley system for rescue or haul

Using a pulley system for rescue or hauling using a Petzl Micro Traxion and Tibloc with the pulley.

>Rating: 5

Perfect for what it is designed for...

I've used it several times

This is a simple pulley either for hauling or emergency rescue. It is not the best for very heavy loads, but if your climbing Rainier this is what you should be bringing. You don't need something heavier, or heavier duty. It's lightweight, nearly idiot proof, very efficient, and strong enough for crevasse rescue. Nothing more, nothing less.

>Rating: 5

Crevasse rescue essential

I've put it through the wringer

So, most crevasse rescue pulleys just plain suck. True they are light weight but they are also not efficient. If I have to haul someone out of a crevasse I would much rather carry a few extra grams and be able to haul without loosing all my work to inefficient pulleys while my partner is stuck in a crevasse! Enter the partner pulley, sealed bearing and super efficient. And its barely heavier than the crappy "crevasse rescue pulleys" that have plastic sheeves and bushings not bearings. If you have this, a Tibloc, and the micro traxion. you have a super fast and efficient crevasses rescue system and still really light.

>Rating: 5

Great pulley for backcountry fun

The size and weight is surpizingly compact and does not take up space and weight in my snowboard pack.


Does this pulley mind prusiks? It looks...

Does this pulley mind prusiks? It looks as if it would, just want to make sure.

you may want to use this one is specific for prusik

No it is not designed for that, the Petzl Mini is their lightest prusik-minding pulley. But at 80g for the Mini, at that point you might just want to get the 85g Microtraction, a progress-capture pulley that's just as efficient, and you have one less prusik to mess around with.