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Petzl Djinn Steel Carabiner - 10-Pack


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  • Black, Bent Gate

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Djinn Steel Carabiner

Slide Petzl's 10-Pack Djinn Steel Carabiner into your quickdraws when you think you'll be whipping off your climbing project over and over. Unlike traditional aluminum carabiners, the Djinn Steel Carabiner can take a beating and withstand rainy days off from the climb, so feel free to leave the carabiners there until you get your redpoint. Petzl finished these carabiners off with snag-free keylock noses and aluminum gates to give the same easy-clipping feel aluminum carabiners have.

  • Pack of ten steel carabiners for projecting hard climbs
  • Aluminum gate for easier clipping
  • Keylock nose to prevent rope snags
  • Petzl provides climbing equipment to access the inaccessible, from sport climbs to faraway alpine expeditions
  • Item #PTZ002E

steel, [gate] aluminum
Gate Type
bent gate
keylock nose
Major Axis Strength
28 kN
Minor Axis Strength
10 kN
Open Gate Strength
10 kN
Gate Opening
27 mm
Claimed Weight
[carabiner] 3.8 oz, [pack] 2 lb 6 oz
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5


Patina... I like my coffee extra black and over one hundred sixty degrees Fahrenheit, my sand wedge has a lot of rust and trust. Some of the worlds most beautiful things, will all decay. Rust and lost paint become the road map of our lives, our journey to overcome decay but eventually except the fray. If you are a hard core sensory seeker like me, than the Thor like throw and swing weight will not disappoint. When these fuckers connect, you’ll know it! #knowitandthrowit Pair them with that juicy thick black 👀 BD 12 inch dog bone for added proprioception and Stealth like appearance! Donavan trxdude Brown

>Rating: 2

Nice, but rust too quickly

I've put it through the wringer

While the description above reads "withstand rainy days off from the climb", the reality is quite the opposite. After being fixed at the crag for only 2 years (not in spots that seep and out of direct rain under an overhang) these biners show a significant amount of surface corrosion. As mentioned in another review, it's not a safety issue, but is a total eyesore. These are really nice biners otherwise and I hope that Petzl will zinc plate them instead on powder coating to make them really bomb-proof in the future.

>Rating: 3

Surface rust

I've put it through the wringer

These carabiners are powdercoated and look awesome but be careful where you fix them. Great on steeper terrain but if the carabiner rub on the rock the powdercoating wears off and is susceptible to surface rust. Not really a safety hazard but is an eyesore when you see rust on an anchor carabiners thats less then a year old.

>Rating: 3

Okay, but not great

I've put it through the wringer

It's great that manufacturers are finally realizing the need for high quality steel carabiners to use for fixed gear instead of the aluminum ones that wear out so quickly, however, I think petzl could have done better with this biner. As far as the positives go, this is the lightest steel biner that I know of at just 108 grams, however, since steel biners are meant to be left as fixed gear, the weight savings is irrelevant for the most part. Another positive is that these biners have a nice big rope bearing radius thanks to the hot forging process used to make them. My main gripe with these biners is their clipability. The spring tension of the gate is much too high making them much worse for clipping than I would have imagined. I kind of figured that these would clip similarly to a normal spirit (I've never used the aluminum djinn so I can't compare to them), but the spirit clips about a million times better than this biner. I had really hoped that the solid gate would be great for clipping, but in the end, it just makes clipping harder, and adds weight to the biner. Petzl should have either made it a wire-gate biner to make it even lighter since that appears to be one of their goals (even though I know that petzl is anti-wire-gate for some strange reason), or put a weaker spring in it to make it so that it clips really well.




How much does an individual carabiner weigh?

An individual biner weighs in at 108 grams.