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Get to Know Oru

The Backstory: Oru Kayak

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Unfold the Wonder of the Great Outdoors

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Anton Willis began sketching ideas for a folding kayak when a move to a small apartment forced him to put his fiberglass kayak in storage. Countless paper models, 25 full-scale prototypes, and one successful Kickstarter campaign later, Oru Kayaks was officially launched.

Oru Goes Anywhere

The 12-foot Oru Kayak weighs just 26 pounds and folds into a compact, rectangular case. Hike it to a mountain lake, check it on a plane, toss it in the backseat of a taxi—the portable possibilities are endless. Plus, it only takes five minutes to assemble the boat.

Tough Stuff

The skin of the Oru Kayak is made from a seamless sheet of opaque, double-layered plastic. Permanently molded creases in the skin allow the boat to fold easily. The custom material is rated for 20,000 fold cycles and can withstand abuse from rocky shorelines and rough water.

Does it Perform?

You bet it does. The shape of the Oru Kayak allows it to be stable enough for beginners, yet fast and sporty enough for expert paddlers. With the proper skills, the Oru Kayak can take you on some wild adventures.