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Oakley Radar Path Replacement Lens

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Get on the Path to clear sport vision.

One of the many beauties of the Oakley Radar is the ease with which you can swap out its lenses. Oakley makes the perfect lens for any light condition, so by owning a few sets of lenses you'll be ready for any circumstance.

Removing an Oakley Radar lens is a piece of cake: With two fingers carefully pinch the nose bridge tabs inward. Then push the nose bridge towards the top of the sunglasses until the lens releases from the top. You can then pull the lens down and out.

Installing the lens is even easier: Just insert the tab on the right side so it's fully seated. Arc the lens outward slightly to insert the left lens tab. Then pull the top of the frame over the top of the lens while pushing the lens inward with both thumbs. When the frame is completely over the top of the lens, push the nose bridge forward so it snaps into place. Simple as can be.

One additional note: No matter what size Radar lens you current own (Path, Pitch, or Range), you can swap your current lens out for any other size. We only offer the Path size lens because we believe it is large enough to protect the eyes while being small enough so it doesn't overheat the head and seal the eyes off from the world. And overly big glasses fog up too easily. For those who are familiar with M-Frame lenses, this is kind of between the Hybrid and the Sweep.

The Clear lens is an ideal choice for night riding, or a race in a downpour, or riding in otherwise dim-and-dismal conditions and you're not so much worried about blocking light as you are protecting your beloved eyeballs. If you've spent only 5 minutes of your life on a group ride, one truth has already been made clear to you: Debris flying around at head level is a fact of life when you ride with others. Neglecting to wear glasses makes about as much sense as leaving your helmet in the car.

The Black Iridium lens is a superb choice for the spring and summertime. It transmits only 10% of the available light to your eyes, making it ideal for bright, sunny days. The Iridium coating creates a uniform filtering layer that optimizes contrast and reduces glare.

The Blue Iridium lens transmits 15% of the available light. It utilizes a VR28 lens tint whose purpose is to further tune contrast and reduce glare in comparison to Black Iridium.

The G40 lens transmits 40% of available light, ideal for days of variable light -- anywhere from partly cloudy to overcast days, for example, when you need something that on the one hand can amplify the available light, but on the other hand won't have you squinting when the sun is bright.

The VR28 Black Iridium lens is a glare-cutting wonder. Iridium filters out blue light to increase contrast and improve depth perception in almost any set of conditions. In this VR28 option you get 18% light transmission, which is ideal for medium-to-bright light. It gives just a bit more transmission than the Blue Iridium.

Persimmon is the best choice for flat-to-low light -- we're thinking fall and wintertime here. It transmits 59% of available light, and its Iridium coating filters blue light to boost contrast and enhance depth perception.

All Oakley Radar Path replacement lenses are made from Plutonite to provide you with superior comfort, clarity, and protection against impact and ultraviolet radiation. Plutonite blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light.

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>Rating: 5

Gotta be able to see

I've put it through the wringer
True to size

Had to replace an old super scratched lens. This fits perfect, and I can see again.

>Rating: 4

2 fer review!

I've put it through the wringer

I purchased 2 pair of replacement lenses for my Oakley Radars - Gold Iridium and Persimmon. First, I rode less expensive glasses for many years, and was skeptical that these glasses would be worth the spend... Happy to report I was wrong.. Fit is great, optics are clear... Really worth it. The Gold are my go to lens for year round, average conditions. I prefer the gold/brown color and find that these have a good balance of opacity and clarity. No eye strain. The persimmon were bought just as I do a lot of early morning riding and these are great at dawn, but don't blow your eyes out the way hi via yellow does. I also wear these on really overcast or rainy days... And since I'm riding year round in all weather, that counts for a lot. My only beef with these is with the hydrophobic lens coating. It works on the outside, which is great. But - its not on the inside, which, if you are like me, is not great as sweat hits the inside of the lens and can create some not great visibility. A squirt from the bottle fixes that along with a few minutes of drying time, but it still is a drag.

>Rating: 4

As Expected...

I've been using Oakley Radar for about a year. It's comfortable to wear all day long. I bought the persimmon lens for early morning starts or foggy conditions. For these conditions, these lens are fantastic.

>Rating: 5


I have a pair of Radars that came with the Range lens in them. I really liked them but I wanted to try them with the Path lens in them as well. The different lens made the whole frame feel more fitted to my face. Very glad that I spent the money on the different lens because of that. It was like a added bonus! They still have the super optics to them and all the great stuff that Oakley has to offer.




oackly served COLD


>Rating: 5

the lens you've been waiting for

I got a grey lens for running and a clear lens to wear in surgery and loved them both. I was skeptical about the extra cost of the tungsten iridium lens but it's totally worth it for the vents and added clarity. This is the first frame / lens combo that stays on my head while running, biking or anything else and it's super light.

>Rating: 5

Radar Path Lens

You can't go wrong with these lenses if you have the Oakley Radar. I wanted another option for my Radars and there is nothing better than Oakley with the clarity as well as the strength of the lenses. I have owned the radars, half jackets, and M frames and played baseball all my life in them and never shattered or broken a lense, even after taking a bad hop in the face! great lens!

>Rating: 5

Must have Marathon gear?

I’m slowly replacing my M frame with Radar, and you guys were one of the first companies to carry replacement lens! I got my fav VR28. If it get dirty, just wipe on the shirt (I don’t use cotton shirt, my wicking ones…), and the lens looks as new. That ease of maintenance is nothing compare to M frame, which usually end up on my head after mile 13 on marathon. Highly recommended!


Will these lenses fit a pair of radarlock...

Will these lenses fit a pair of radarlock sunglasses?


I wear prescription glasses. What is...

I wear prescription glasses. What is sunglasses solution?


I recently bought a pair of Oakley radar...

I recently bought a pair of Oakley radar path lenses and installed them into new radar frames and the lenses are loose and i can move them from side to side. Does anyone know what to do or has had this problem.

Try going to the Oakley site ( On it, you will find a 'page' the shows how to install lenses for which ever type of frame you have. If you're still having trouble, suggest calling/chatting with a Oakley rep. Hope this helps.


can the replacement lens be used on asian...

can the replacement lens be used on asian woman's frame

i would say you need a specific lens for the asian womens. the frames are quite a bit smaller and for a full lens like this it wont fit. if they were individual lenses you could possibly get away with it


Can this replacement lens being used for...

Can this replacement lens being used for "asian fit" Oakley Radar Path? Best Regards,

Hey Richard, Unfortunately not, these are too large.

The lenses for the Asian Fit and the standard fit are the same lens. The difference between the two is that the Asian Fit nose pads are larger to sit higher on the bridge of the nose.


Even though my original Oakley Radar...

Even though my original Oakley Radar sunglasses came with the Path lens, can I buy a Pitch replacement lens?

Yes you can. As long as the lenses come from the Radar series, it should be ok as the frames for their Radar glasses are all the same. Only difference is of course the lenses that comes in three different sizes, namely the Range, Path and Pitch. I'm using the Path, and its the right size and shape for me.


Can I use replacement lens on a Radar Path...

Can I use replacement lens on a Radar Path Womens frame?

ya, just make sure you get the radar path lens.


Are these lenses hydrophobic?

Are these lenses hydrophobic?

These lenses are more Hydrophobic than my cat.

Yes they are Hydrophobic.

Oakley now offers a lens cleaner specifically made for their lens, and to help repel water, too. It's called "Nano-Clear" Hydrophobic Pen/Lens Oakley. Can be ordered directly through Oakley and is safe for all their lenses. This cleaner will help keep your lenses water 'repellent', and smudge-free! What cleaner used is particularly important for iridium & polarized lenses. Hope this helps.


I have two questions. 1. If i bought my...

I have two questions. 1. If i bought my radar glasses with pitch lenses, can i buy replacement lenses that are path shape. 2. And if i can, which im pretty sure i can, how do i replace it. I have tried to remove my current lens but i cant get it out. Could someone please instruct me on how to remove the lens from radar sunglasses? Thanks

(1) Yes--the Radar frames take any Radar lens shape.(2) Beware which frames you have. Some like white chrome and polished aluminum can peel when scraped while you change lenses in particular. Changing revolves around pinching the nose piece, then popping the bottom of the frame away from the nose piece. It's easy after that. For the new one, you put the sides in, then the top edge, then deal with the nose piece (reverse order of removal). You can find instructions at and a couple other places on the web: