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Nikwax Wool Wash

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Wool Wash

Nikwax's new Wool Wash stands as the first cleaner that increases your wool garments' wicking properties. This Nikwax wash cleans your wool garments of soils and odors and thereby enhances wools natural wicking properties. This Nikwax wash won't wash away the natural water-repelling attributes of wool, it only washes away that which inhibits wool's ability to repel and wick moisture. Wash your fine Merino garments, as well as your favorite sweater and give new life to your natural wool garments. The Nikwax Wool Wash washes out easily, and because it's water-based, the Wool Wash is easy on the environment.
  • Item #NIK0035

10 oz

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>Rating: 5

Worth Every Penny

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Amazing, a must have for your wools. You will never go back to washing your wools with any other product.

>Rating: 5

So Fresh and SO Clean.

I've put it through the wringer

Stuff works great to clean all your wool garments and leave them like new, makes them soft again and gets rid of any smells you may have accumulated in your adventures. Follow the care instructions on tag the of what you are washing , typically you will want to hang dry following a wash.

>Rating: 5

Nikwax products!!!!!

I've used it several times

This stuff really really works. I had several pairs wool socks which I had already washed. I decided to see if Nikwax would make them softer. After soaking them in the sink with small amt nikwax, the water turned almost black! I thought the color was coming out of them! I rinsed them, squeezed dry and laid on towel to dry. The colors had not faded at all - I guess that was dirt and yucko that came out in the wash. They are softer and "sweeter" smelling than new. This is really an awesome cleaner.

>Rating: 5

don't wash wool without it.

Be smart. Use Nikwax. Your gear will thank you and you'll thank your gear for being around so long, smelling so good, and performing so well.

>Rating: 5

Good smell, and good washing

These washed my wool nicely, and they give it a nice subtle smell. Nothing overpowering. For sure going to buy more of this in the future.

>Rating: 4

Good stuff

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Thought I would try this stuff out on my new wool items. Works great, and best of all my older wool items have been renewed, not so scratchy any more, nice and soft.

>Rating: 5

Great Stuff

Product works as described. My merino didn't pill up when washing and the detergent left little to no scent behind. I will definintely be buying again when I run out.

>Rating: 5

Good choice.

Works as advertised. Keeps my smart wool fresh and seems to prevent it from getting all nappy. Doesn't leave my wool smelling laundry fresh, not that it still stinks it is definitely clean, but definitely gets all of the grit out of my gear. You won't regret using this.

>Rating: 5

Rejuvenating fresh scent

I ride my bike all year long and especially for winter season I use merino wool garments exclusively. I just came back from the laundromat done with a triple load of wool. Front loader machine only (top loader has an agitator which hurts the fabrics), NikWax wool wash and hang dry afterwards. All my clothes are softer and has a natural lemon/lime scent, better then new from the box. All my happy sheep brand clothes (Icebreaker, Ibex, Sugoi, Endura, Helly Hansen, Swoobo or Darn Tough) demands NikWax!


Is this product gluten free?

Is this product gluten free?

Do you plan on consuming this product? If so, gluten would be the least of your concerns, just saying. To answer your question, it should be, but still don't drink it and it will never matter.


I want to save water and energy by washing...

I want to save water and energy by washing both my denim jeans and wool sweatshirts in the same load. So far I've been using Woolite as it is considered to be a "gentle" detergent. Can I use Wool Wash as a replacement or do you recommend it to be used on wool garments only? Will there be any adverse effects on cotton-based garments?

Jim, This works really well with wool and wont hurt your jeans .