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  • Nikwax - Tech Wash and TX Direct Wash-In Duo-Pack - 300mL - One Color

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  • Nikwax - Tech Wash and TX Direct Wash-In Duo-Pack - 300mL - One Color

Nikwax Tech Wash and TX Direct Wash-In Duo-Pack - 300mL


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    • One Color, 10oz

    33 Reviews


    Restore your waterproof breathable outerwear to top performance.

    The Nikwax Tech Wash and TX.Direct Wash-In Duo-Pack breathes new life into your grubby, well-worn tech outerwear. Give your manky jackets and pants a wash with Nikwax’s Tech Wash, a non-detergent soap that safely cleans them without damaging DWR treatments. After everything’s clean, run a cycle with Nikwax’s TX.Direct Wash-In treatment to quickly revive water repellency without compromising breathability.
    • Safe for use with Gore-Tex, Ultrex, eVent, Triple Point, and other membranes
    • All Nikwax products are 100% water-based and biodegradable, and do not contain fluorocarbons or VOCs
    • Item #NIK0069

    Tech Specs

    (each bottle) 10 oz
    Recommended Use
    cleaning, restoring high-tech outerwear
    Manufacturer Warranty
    4 years

    Tech Specs

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    This is the solution!

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    OK, so I have two breathable raincoats for hiking and fishing out in Oregon--so I have a bit of experience with the rain--that lost their mojo after being put through the washing machine after getting them completely dirty. One is a Columbia OmniDry and the other is a Red Ledge something. I learned that you don't put your breathable raingear in the washer, as the laundry soap and stuff bonds with the breathable waterproofing! Once that happens, water soaks through and you're totally wet. And of course, I learned this lesson while out steelhead fishing in the rain for a few hours, so it was a cold and wet day with ineffective raingear. Anyway, the Nikwax tech wash followed by the wash-in restored my gear's mojo! I've worn it several times in the rain, but today was a particularly complete soaker of a rainy day and I was out in it for several hours, and the seams and breathable spots held up and I stayed dry. This Nikwax stuff worked and I've also shared my story with my friends, too. Definitely a better product than that spray-on crap! :)

    Wash your tech gear!

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    If you have waterproof tech clothing (jackets, pants, etc) then you need to keep it in tip top shape. When your tech pieces get dirty they lose their waterproofing and suddenly you are skiing down with a soaked jacket or pants. Throw your gear in the wash and follow the directions on these bottles and your gear will look and perform like new again!

    If you have any questions about tech wash, or other garment care items on the site, please contact me directly.

    Awesome Stuff!

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I've used these products several times throughout the years and keep coming back. They works well and can really bring any old gear back to life! I suggest trying to get any residue out of your washer(more so the fill in area) out before you use this stuff. If your washer is old you can have some caked in residue in there that basically counteracts this.

    So you just bought some Gore-tex eh?

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    For those who love the outdoors, yet also love themselves some quality gear, there is no better way to ensure you gear lasts than Nikwax! For getting those worn marks out of your favorite (insert outdoor activity) gear, look no further for the answer to whatever that is on that sleeve of yours. Once the tech wash removes whatever unspeakable horror that stain was, the TX Direct will make sure no other liquid intruders permeate your bubble of dry!

    A necessity.

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    So you just spent $650 on a brand new Arc'teryx shell. Believe it or not at some point the fabric will stop doing its job like it did on day one.

    All gear needs to be taken care of. It is highly technical equipment just need to be cleaned an maintained just like a bike or skies. Nikwax is a good and cheap way to make sure your jacket or pants or gloves or shoes stay in tip top shape for years and years.

    Look at all of the employee reviews on this product. If that doesn't tell you there is an actually need for this product I don't know what will.

    Miracle Worker

      I love this stuff! I've used on 3 Layer gortex shells and other similar waterproof material. I had an older pair of sessions snowpants that I used it on, that are now pretty water resistant (I wouldn't go as far as saying they fully repel water now, but after apply the wash treatment they do a great job of keeping the water out). It also does a gear job cleaning all my shells. I use this anytime and every time I wash my shells.

      pimp your gear out

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have been using this combo for a couple seasons now on my gear at least once a season. I love khaki pants which always seem to get dirty real easily so this combo is perfect to make sure your still flossing on the mountain and dry which is a nice addition. this combo is the only way to truely get back the water proofing level for your gear after extended use and i Like to do one big cycle mid season to make sure spring does not leave me drenched !

      Gore-Tex love.

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Getting your Gore-Tex (or eVent or whatever else) dirty happens, but it'll lose its effectiveness if you don't clean it. This stuff does the job, and it'll help prolong the life of your gear. It seems a little pricey when you buy it, but it's a whole lot cheaper than a new $500 pair of pants.

      The Revival

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've been using both of these products for years now. The ability to refresh waterproofing and extend the life of your outerwear is great. I've found the cleaner the garment the better the entire process works and recently tried spot washing areas with heavy dirt by hand with a sponge. This helped remove stubborn dirt/stains from the fabric's pores that the machine wash could not and I haven't noticed these areas "wetting out" any more.

      Works WONDERS!...Love it

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I used this stuff on a pair of snowpants that have been heavily used since 2007; it resurrected them. Immediately after treating them I used the snow pants in a heavy snow storm and they were repelling water like they were new. I also used the wash to remove stains from my Gore-Tex Arcteryx shell. I would recommend this to anyone needing a good cleaner or needs to resurrect some outerwear.

      Will this work on a canada goose jacket ?...

      Will this work on a canada goose jacket ? (I have the mystique parka)

      There's no reason that it shouldn't work, though I have heard extremely contrasting reviews concerning the TX.Direct Wash-In waterproofing; however, be sure to check on CG's website for instructions on how to clean your down garment. Most manufacturers of down-filled clothing tend to, with minor deviation, agree on a set of protocols when washing and drying your garment to ensure prolonged use, capability, and fortitude of the piece in question. I've avoided using the wash-in waterproofing due to degree of disparity of opinion I've found, but the Tech Wash shouldn't be a problem. Make sure you find out the exact procedure for cleaning the parka though!

      So I used the techwash and none of the...

      So I used the techwash and none of the stains on my pants were cleaned. Pants pretty much everything looked the same as before I washed it. Is it not good for heavy or old stains? Do i need to scrub out my stains separately then wash with techwash and then tx direct?


      While I sometimes think the Nikwax Tech Wash is magical, I am told that it is pure science at work.

      Unfortunately, despite their amazing formula, the Tech Wash will not be able to remove all stains (especially ones that have been allowed to set for a long time).

      Rest assured that the Nikw Wax Tech Wash can handle most stain removals, and even if the stain persists, your gear is nonetheless clean. If you are determined to live a stain free life, I would recommend attacking the stain early and scrubbing directly. I would also recommend using the TX Direct intermittently to restore the qualities of your gear's waterproof/breathable membrane.

      Best Answer

      Yes, you would need to separately treat the stains, wash them out, then wash with the TechWash, and follow with the TxDirect. The TechWash is designed to remove old detergents that may interfere with the water repellency of your garments in question; it does not have any true sort of efficacy when it comes to stain treatment or removal - totally different realm of cleaner.

      I have found that when I have nasty stains I need to use good told Tide or Shout... and then I wash with a technical wash afterward. I have not seen any undue effects from this -- probably because this sort of stain treatment is typically randomly (and widely) dispersed in both the time and space of the garment.

      can you use the wash treatments if your...

      can you use the wash treatments if your garment is not a shell, but has insulation?

      Is this product effective for patagonia...

      Is this product effective for patagonia rubicon rider pants with the h2no?

      Do I run a rinse cycle before waterproofing...

      Do I run a rinse cycle before waterproofing with TX.Direct?

      I have the L1 premium denim snowboard pants...

      I have the L1 premium denim snowboard pants and want to revive the waterproofness. They tag says they are like 94% cotton and 6% spandex. Which nikwax product would be best for them? I was gonna use the tech wash but not sure if I should use the tx or cotton proof. Here is the link to the pants

      Will this work with Tour Master Defender...

      Will this work with Tour Master Defender Rain gear? The last time I was stuck in a heavy down pour I got wet but not soaked. I have used camp dry in the past to water proof but this seems like its the best and easiest. Do you really just use this stuff like a detergent in the washing machine?