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Nikwax Softshell Proof Wash In


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  • One Color, 10oz

Softshell Proof Wash In

You buy Nikwax SoftShell Proof because sometimes you make mistakes. Mistakes like telling your buddies, “There's absolutely no way it's going to rain today.” Nikwax SoftShell Proof is a wash-in treatment for any softshell jacket that revitalizes the durable water repellant finish while maintaining the awesome breathability you got the jacket for in the first place. It won't make water bead like you just put a fresh coat of wax on the ‘Vet, but it'll be there in a pinch, and work well when there's just a dusting of snow.
  • Item #NIK0024

10fl oz (300ml)
Recommended Use
casaul, travel, weekend camping
Manufacturer Warranty
4 years

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>Rating: 4

Does it's thing

I've used it several times

This washing agent works pretty well for cleaning your softshell fabrics. I think the spray on version works to restore the DWR better, but it's less labor with this since it's a wash in.

>Rating: 5

Restore it!

I've used it several times

This stuff is great! If your softshell is dirty and beat up use Tech Wash and follow up with Softshell Proof. my jackets now look and feel brand new!

>Rating: 5

Great Product

I swear by Nikwax. I've gotten their down, their technical wash, and their spray. They all have done what they promise. This was no different, has given new life to my softshell jackets, re-viving the DWR functionality of it.

>Rating: 5

Works better than it should

Wow. I love this, my Marmot DriClime jacket isn't even supposed to be waterproof, I added this stuff to it. And whaddya know, nice & waterproof now. I swear this stuff is genious. I havn't taken it in serious downpours, but it works good for the light stuff.

>Rating: 5

Sausage love the Nikwax

I used this on my Summit Series North Face Schoeller soft shell. Works like a charm. Smells like Elmers Glue though when you put it in the washing machine. I didn't taste it...but I know that was your next question....

>Rating: 5

Nikwax Softshell Proof

I used a little less than the bottle called for on 2 softshells, and have been very happy. There wasn't any residue, and both have survived some rainstorms, and come out looking and feeling like I hadn't seen the rain.

>Rating: 5

good stuff

Needed to wash all my soft shells. This stuff did a great job used the whole bottle in my machine for 4 jackets. They work like new and look like new as well. No left over funk on my jackets either.

>Rating: 4

It works!

Wow, my softshells repel water better now that I think they did at first. This stuff works. However, I followed the instructions on the bottle, which seemed a bit off, and used the whole bottle and ended up with little beads of this stuff all over my shells. I'm not sure a top load washing machine really uses a whole bottle when the other washing instructions only call for a little bit to be used. The little clear beads (almost look like rain drops on my stuff) have long since been brushed or fallen off, and everything is spiffy and waterproof.

>Rating: 5

Get specific with your washing, it works!

For a while I was just using the Tech Wash by NikWax for my soft shells, it did the trick but left a slight residue on them and did not seem make them perform how they should. I have been using this lately and the residue is gone and the water shedding properties are way up again.

You should use tech wash first then softshell proof The tech cleans the softshell proofs, well waterproofs.


Last night I decided to wash my Patagonia...

Last night I decided to wash my Patagonia soft shell, alpine guide SS pants, and micro puff jacket. I used another brand of sport wash (from X-mas) + extra rinse, and then did the soft shell wash in. I am now using a newer top loading HE machine which does not use a lot of water. I used the 2 capfuls, less than 1/2 bottle, as directed and put in the dispenser, not water. After running in a light dryer mode, the jacket has pretty significant white residue on it, like hand prints all over, and the pants a fair amount. The micro puff jacket did have some but not as prominent. I did an extra wash after all this but they still remain. Can I get some suggestions in how to get ride of these? Pretty disappointed now as I am sure it will bead like crazy but looks unsightly and these are costly. I have used plenty of hard shell wash-in during my life and maybe remember a little of this. Ideas to help? Will it fade or can I wash it out again w/ sport wash or a soak in sport wash?

Hey Jake, I had this problem when I used 2 ENTIRE cap fulls, not just 2 of the threaded cap part... which is what I recommend... I would try a straight warm wash/rinse, no soaps... the warm water should "melt" the residue...

Just as an btw, not to refute what you are saying from your experience. I actually measured out the 150ml they suggest for 2-3 items in a front load. This was in fact three to the rim if the entire capfuls. The directions are kind of vague wight the capful indication since the cap is so odd.


I have the Stoic Tour Softshell pant and...

I have the Stoic Tour Softshell pant and would like to treat them. They have a soft fabric lining (not exactly fleece, but some soft material for light insulation)and I have read that the interior fabric shouldn't be treated with this Softshell Proof. Is this true? Should they be washed with the Tech Wash and then treated with the spray on Softshell Proof?

I don't think the wash in stuff will kill the interior; it'll probably just make it a little less breathable. I use the spray on stuff....Softshell or TX because I think it works better, IMHO. Good luck!

Hi Eric! Softshell proof is a great choice for your pants. As to whether to use the spray-on or the wash-in... I only recommend the spray-on product if the garment has a liner that is intended to wick sweat (such as a running shirt with a hanging mesh liner). I use the wash-in treatment for all my softshells as well (which I LIVE in). That said, you should ALWAYS use Tech Wash before treating garments, as the proofers will not adhere well to dirty fabric. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide. As always, feel free to call us at (800)563-3057 with questions. Thanks for your question! Stay Dry!

I use the "Nikwax Softshell Proof Wash In" on a softshell jacket and it become rain proof. and I dont have a problem of wicking sweat on the trails


I've got a Stoic Welder Lo Softshell and...

I've got a Stoic Welder Lo Softshell and although I read down there that the lining shouldn't be exposed to the stuff, does that apply to my jacket as well? There isn't any fleece, but I'd like to be sure.

Wash away...but clean it with plain water or Tech Wash first.

Hi Willie! Softshell Proof is perfect for your jacket and the wash-in is SUPER easy to use (I use it frequently) and very effective. Like Phil said, you definately want to clean it with Tech Wash before proofing (the proofer can't adhere to dirty fabric). If you have any more detailed questions, don't hestitate to call us @ 800.563.3057. Thanks for the question. Stay dry!

I use the "Nikwax Softshell Proof Wash In" on a softshell jacket and it become rain proof. and I dont have a problem of wicking sweat on the trails Just go for it (:


So I've got an arcteryx gamma sv that I...

So I've got an arcteryx gamma sv that I want to add some water repelancy life back to but it has a high loft polartec fleece fabric on the interior. Would I be able to still wash this in or should I only use the exterior spray on to not damage the breathability?

Use the spray-on in 2-3 light applications. The wash-in also treats the fleece, and your breathability concerns are correct. The spray-on is what I use for my Gamma SV and MX, and it's always worked well. Wash the piece first with either plain water, or with some Tech Wash.

Spray on, not wash in! very important to not treat the inside fleece with water repellent, not for breathability, but moisture management. One key step is to spray it on (2-3 layers like Phil said) let it air dry a bit, then put it in the dryer on med heat for 20 minutes-this is very important to maximize the repellent effect and durability. Also, you must first wash it in TechWash (not laundry detergent) to remove dirt and oil. This goes for any water repellant/proof garment.


Can you use this product in a High Efficency...

Can you use this product in a High Efficency washer?

You can use "Softshell Proof" in an HE washer but use about 25% less product.


Any suggestions on how to get the funk...

Any suggestions on how to get the funk outta the clothing after you wash with this stuff? Normally I wouldn't care, but I have my town softshell, and I really don't want to smell while wearing this jacket or after. Let me clarify: The smell I'm complaining of is from the Nikwax. It gets the other odors out from the clothing, but there is an awful funk that takes forever to air out. Any ideas how to get rid of it quicker without washing it again in a soap free cycle?

Usually the Nikwax will take care of the funk as well. All the jackets and pant I have washed with Nikwax, the smell is gone after the nikwax treatment.


I was wondering if this 10 oz bottle would...

I was wondering if this 10 oz bottle would provide enough repellent for 2 pairs of snowboarding pants and a jacket? I would wash them all at the same time.Thanks

do you have 2 pairs of softshell pants and a softshell jacket?..if so then one botle will

Yes, the bottle says that you can use either: a) a whole bottle with three items of clothing in a top loading washing machine b) a third of a bottle with two items in a front-loading machine or c) a sixth of a bottle with one item in a bowl/sink of hand-hot water. My choice is (c) - I only own a soft-shell, and using the bottle six times sounds the most economical to me. Hope that helps.


Will this work on Polartec Power Stretch...

Will this work on Polartec Power Stretch?

Try the nikwax polarproof, designed specifically for fleece clothing.