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Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Spray-On Footwear Treatment


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  • Spray-On, 4.2oz

Nubuck & Suede Spray-On Footwear Treatment

Apply the Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Footwear treatment to boost water-repellency and breathability in your shoes and boots. This Nikwax product performs ideally with footwear with waterproof inserts like Gore-Tex, but it works well with any nubuck and suede footwear. Application of this Nikwax treatment restores the durable water resistant coating of your footwear (the stuff that makes water bead up for the first little while). This footwear treatment won't fade or stain the color of your boots or shoes. Get the best life out of your footwear; treat it with Nikwax.
  • Item #NIK0045

10 fl oz
Recommended Use
boots, trail runners, clogs, sandals.
Manufacturer Warranty
4 years

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>Rating: 5

Works very well

I used these on a grey suede pair of boots and they are now totally waterproof. It made the light grey color a tiny bit darker but I didn’t mind how they looked after treatment.

>Rating: 5

Very Good Spray

I have used this spray on my Vasque Breeze Low boots. They're more of a summer boot, but since I tend to wear them all year round, I was concerned about 1) hikes where there's snow at the top, and 2) salt in parking lots. The spray was easy to apply, although I did notice that it turned the suede-y leather on my boots a little darker. However, I let it dry and the leather still has a soft touch- it didn't turn all hard from the spray. It may be a little darker still, but w/e... dirt is also a little darker. As for performance, this Nikwax has worked very well through all the seasons. Snow does not stick or clump to my boots (preventing soak-through), and it's doing a good job keeping salt away, too. I'd definately recommend this to others, but just a couple of notes for you: 1) this is apparently for suede and nubuck leather only, not smooth leather, in case you've got one pair of each or something, and 2) as far as useage, I'd guesstimate in my opinion you could safely do two pairs of footwear with one bottle, or I suppose, the same pair of footwear twice. Anyway, I'd definately buy this product again for my future boots, it's worth the $10.

>Rating: 5

Great for perwanger

This worked great for my Patagonia perwanger leather boots.

>Rating: 5

great waterproofing

got this along with my new Emu's and to use on my Manatauks. Sprayed and let sit for 24 hrs and it is a true waterproofing compound. Have worn in driving rain, through puddles, in below freezing temps with no water seepage.

>Rating: 5

This Product Works Great

I had doubts about this product but when I didn't see any snow or water penetrate the leather, I knew it was working. In fact, snow doesn't even stick to boots. Handy sponge top applicator makes the entire process a breeze.

>Rating: 4

Keep the water off

I used this on my Gore-tex Merrells and it made them look like new again. Helps restore the water resistance of the fabric and cleans them up too.

>Rating: 5

Good Stuff

This is a great product. I was turned onto this stuff back in my corporate days when I bought a high dollar pair of suede shoes. Was living in Denver at the time and due to the snow I didn't want to ruin those shoes walking through downtown for lunch and commuting. Asked the retail guy who sold them to me for some stuff they had on their shelf and he told me not to waste my money on their product and go visit the local REI in Lakewood, CO which was actually a few blocks from my apt. He obviously musta been an outdoorsman. Applied this product to those suede shoes...didn't fade the suede either which concerned me from the get go but figured wet weather would do them more harm than the Nikwax...took em for a stroll through downtown in the snow for lunch amd watched my high dollar suede shoes repel all the moisture. Co-worker asked me if I was crazy going out in the snow in my brand new KC's...shook my head, broke out the Nikwax, let him get a few spritz for his new suedes and we were both confidently strolling downtown around in the snow!!!! Just bought a pair of Merrell Outlands and figured I might as well nab some good ol Nikwax suede/nubuck proctector to keep em in good shape.


Is this to be used only on Nubuck/ Suede...

Is this to be used only on Nubuck/ Suede footwear, or can it be used on canvas as well?


How long does this last when your boots...

How long does this last when your boots are in use? I'm worried that when I use it the water will run off it at home in the sink, but once I get then out on the trail in hard use conditions the product will wear off quickly and my boots will start to absorb water again. Can anyone tell me, from experience, how well this product holds up in heavy use conditions?


Just bought some new Vans that are about...

Just bought some new Vans that are about 40% pig suede and 60% canvas. Would it be best to use separate protectors or will this one work for both?


Would a full grain leather shoe (Merrell...

Would a full grain leather shoe (Merrell Chameleon Trek) benefit from the application of Nubuck & Suede Nikwax?

I suppose it's better than having no protection @ all. Sno-Seal or Biwell work best for full-grain leather. Unfortunately sell neither.

Hi Samuel! You could use the Nubuck & Suede, but i'd save that product for your suede footwear. Nikwax makes several products designed specifically for full grain leather footwear. Nikwax Conditioner for Leather will waterproof and soften the leather. Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather (in either the Creme or Liquid formulations) will waterproof without softening. You can get any of these through our friends at Thanks for your question! Stay dry!