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Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel

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Gives new life to your manky shoes.

Restore that shoe-store shine to your scuffed, beaten-down boots with this wunder-gel. Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel works great on all types of footwear, including fabric, smooth leather, nubuck, suede, and all combinations of the above. 4.2 fl. oz. (125 ml)
  • Item #NIK0030

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>Rating: 5

Do you wash your dirty clothes?

(hopefully you answered yes..) Then why don't you wash your shoes?! This stuff is perfect for your muddy shoes & boots. Completely safe solution for any dwr coating or leather/fabric material. If your shoes are "wetting out" or not breathing as well as they used to, or just looking extra used, odds are they need to be cleaned! Once you wash em up with some nikwax, they'll be back to looking like new kicks again!

>Rating: 5

Simply Doable

I've used it several times

I've heard so much about nikwax and their products but never used them until recently. The leather boots I currently are part of the 2006 discontinued line of LL Bean and started cracking plus with discolorations in certain spots. Cleaned them with the gel with great results no bumps, wet spots or streaks. Thanks Nikwax and Back country for offering such a great product to people like me with divine prices!

>Rating: 5

quick and easy

I've put it through the wringer

I would use this on all of my shoes after working a night at the bar. Gets the smell and grime.. blood sweat whatever fluids ended up on my shoes. This would totally get em off and restore the shoe. Does not matter the material.


How to use footwear aftercare

>Rating: 5

Works Great.

I use a lot of Nikwax products and overall, I am pleased with their performance. This one does what it is supposed to. It strips off the the dirt without damaging my boots. I've noticed the difference between the boots on which I've used this product verses the boots I've used antibacterial dishsoap (a big NO NO!)

>Rating: 5


Used to clean the shoes. Works great, but get the big clunky stuff off first.Have a scrub brush handy to get to the small areas.There's some difficulty using the brush on the bottle, and alot of times you need to squeeze the bottle to get the fluid out. Nikwax should use a tube design instead, but the issue is minor.Check the photos.




Cleaning Suds



>Rating: 5

Excellent Product!

I gave my Scarpa Mont Blanc its' first bath. The cleaning involved lots of desert sand, two big blobs of mac and cheese on the right boot, and a little bit of Bells Canyon mud around the outer sole. The sponge and brush did an excellent job at applying and scrubbing the boot surface. The boots look practically brand new again!

>Rating: 5

Better than expected

I tried cleaning some shoes without the cleaning gel, and I was able to get heavy dirt off. Then I tried the gel, and found out how much more dirt I could get out with it. It worked much better than I expected and am really impressed. Check out the photo I uploaded to see a before-n-after photo as I was cleaning a pair of trail runners.


Almost like new

Cleaning a pair of Montrail Mountain Masochist GTX. Top shoe is after using the Nikwax cleaning gel.

>Rating: 5

Awesome Stuff

This cleaner works really well and is very easy to use. I had a pair of white leather shoes that I had to wear biking a few times before I got my new biking shoes. The inside heel of each shoe was almost completely black. After just getting the shoe damp and rubbing the footwear cleaning gel via the rough sponge applicator tip on the bottle, almost all of the black completely disappeared. For how little this costs compared to how much you spend on new shoes, this is definitely worth the money in order to rejuvenate your old pair of kicks.

>Rating: 5

Clean as a whistle

This stuff really cleans your shoes. It gets them as clean as if you had just bought them. If I was a shoe shiner, I would have bought this item to begin with.


Write your question here...My husband...

Write your question here...My husband bought a pair of Merrell shoes and now has Horrible foot odor.. WILL this footwear cleaning Gel take away the odor....PLEASE HELP.... Thanks..

Unfortunately, this product is for cleaning the outer surface of the shoes that people have. I would suggest a spray that would go into the inside of the shoe and spray the inside of the shoe to take away some of the odor.

Odor Eaters insoles???? Will work to minimize the odor in the shoe. It will also help to wear a thicker cotton sock to wick the sweat away from the feet. The only times I find I have a foot/shoe odor is when wearing shoes with no socks. I hope this helps...


Which product should I use for waterproofing...

Which product should I use for waterproofing my leather/synthetic boots?

there's another nikwax product here for that

Hi Casey! For full grain leather boots, go with the Waterproofing Wax for Leather. If your boots are part leather and part woven, use Nikwax Fabric and Leather proof. Both work REALLY well. Before proofing clean them with this Footwear Cleaning Gel. Any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 800.563.3057. Thanks for your question! Stay dry!