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Nikwax Fabric & Leather Spray On Footwear Treatment


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  • One Color, 4.2oz

Fabric & Leather Spray On Footwear Treatment

Apply the Nikwax Fabric & Leather Footwear treatment to boost water-repellency and breathability in your great gear. This Nikwax product performs ideally with footwear with waterproof inserts like Gore-Tex by restoring the factory water repellant coating. Even if your shoes didn't have a water-resistant coating when you bought them, this Nikwax treatment prepares your footwear for wet weather. Application of this Nikwax product won't mess up the color of your footwear.
  • Item #NIK0046

4.2 fl oz
Recommended Use
boots, trail runners, clogs, sandals.
Manufacturer Warranty
4 years

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Proof up that fancy leather

I've used it several times

Pure magic in a bottle I put this on boots before I head out for a hike keeps my feet dry and happy highly recommend.


How to treat your good with Nikwax

>Rating: 5


Looking for something to seal my shoes and boots and just keep them nicer for longer! Found it! This stuff smells a little funny, but It does a nice job of sealing shoe without changing color are creating a stiff layer that flakes.

>Rating: 5

Do yourself a favor

Always use the appropriate Nixwax product on your gear. Or some other brand, I'm not shilling here. They do help to keep the water damage down, and as the other reviewer noted, the mud and stains come off easier.

>Rating: 4

Does make a difference

This treatment has been used on my Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid GTX boots, and my wife's Salomon Exit Sport GTX hiking shoes. I bought it specifically because Merrell and Nikwax both recommended this type of treatment for both the Gore-Tex and the mix of leather and fabric. With limited use so far, it has helped to keep water out, and beads on the surface in most cases. I'm sure it also assists in keeping the shoes from holding stains from mud, saps and dirt also, thereby keeping the shoes looking newer for a longer period of time. We have not reached the point where the waterproofing has worn off, therefore can't vouch for its longevity (reason for 4-star rating). Hopefully the Gore-Tex won't leak, but at least this creates another barrier that inhibits water from getting in, and still allows the shoes to breathe properly. So far nothing but good things to say about it. I would purchase this product again, and would recommend it if you have similar footwear, regardless if it has Gore-Tex or not.

>Rating: 5

Great Treatment

I bought this treatment to continue the waterproofing of my mountaineering boots. This stuff works like a charm! I use a lot of Nikwax's products and they're all really good. After an application water literally beads off of whatever you are waterproofing. You wanna stay dry, use their stuff!


How would this work on a leather jacket...

How would this work on a leather jacket and chaps? After seeing how wonderful the glove proof worked on my gloves I really want to find something to use on my riding jacket and chaps so in just a shower I don't need to don my rain gear....

Glad you're a fan of our glove proof! To clean you waterproof breathable items that are 100% full grain leather, We suggest using Nikwax Leather Cleaner™. Nikwax Leather Cleaner™ is a highly effective cleaner which has been specifically designed and optimised for breathable leather gear. It is a safe product to use on breathable waterproof leather gear as it does not leave water-attracting (hydrophilic) residues, which lead to leather absorbing water and ‘wetting-out’. Nikwax Leather Cleaner™ removes water absorbent dirt and stains picked up during use; this revitalizes Durable Water Repellency (DWR) and causes water to bead on the outer surface once more. Regular cleaning Nikwax Leather Cleaner™ will revitalize existing DWR and revive breathability, keeping your leather gear in top condition. Nikwax Leather Cleaner™ may darken the leather a bit, so it is recommended to try it on a hidden area first and avoid using it on any embroidery, printed logos and special paint finishes. To add a durable water repellant (DWR) finish to your items use Nikwax Leather Restorer™. Nikwax Leather Restorer™ has been specifically formulated and optimized for breathable, waterproof smooth leather clothing and equipment. It adds DWR to smooth leather, maintaining breathability and conditions leather by replenishing tanning agents and lubricants. Nikwax Leather Restorer™ is absorbed into the leather where it is needed most and will not over-soften. Being water based it can be used on wet or dry leather. It is non-flammable, contains no harmful solvents and is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fluorocarbons. For best results, remember to clean first with green capped Nikwax Leather Cleaner™, then waterproof with the purple capped Nikwax Leather Restorer™.


Is Nikwax Fabric & Leather meant for burton...

Is Nikwax Fabric & Leather meant for burton snowboarding boots made of synthetic leather? if not, which product should be used?


Is the bottle 4.2oz or 10oz? The option...

Is the bottle 4.2oz or 10oz? The option drop-down bar says 4.2oz and the Tech Spec says 10oz :) !

Thanks for pointing that out, yeah we actually only have the 4.2 oz bottle its possible we used to have the 10 oz, but don't anymore. We'll get those specs updated so its less confusing.


I have just purchased some inexpensive...

I have just purchased some inexpensive faux suede, felt type boots for my son to wear on a weekend trip to snow country - we live in southern California. What to waterproof this faux suede leather with? TIA

This would probably work alright. It's not going to make the boots waterproof, but will add water repellency (i.e. will be fine walking through snow and such, but will soak through if submerged in water).


will it work on my cloth boat cover and...

will it work on my cloth boat cover and how long will an application last

Nikwax Tent & Gear Proof will work better for your application. Re-apply every year for best results.