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Nikwax Nikwax Down Proof

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Getting wet in your down coat? Get a Nikwax Down Proof.

Nikwax Down Proof adds durable water repellency (DWR) to your down filled garments. Down is an amazing natural fiber for its compressibility, resilience, and warmth. The major drawback of down is it's inability to retain loft and insulate when wet. To add water-repellency to the whole garment—shell, down, and inner lining—use Nikwax Down Proof. **NOTE: If your down garment incorporates a waterproof breathable shell fabric, you should use Nikwax TX-Direct Spray-On (our item no.: NIK0008). 10 fl oz. (300 ml)
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10 oz

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>Rating: 4

Yes, it works

I've used it several times

DWR coating on your down jacket or sleeping bag wearing off? Does your down not loft as much as it used to? do you now suddenly shiver in your bag? Perhaps you should purchase this Downproof. I found that my down quilt wasn't keeping me warm anymore in low-mild humidity. Got some of this and washed my bag in a front loading machine and poof, suddenly much warmer. You can wash 2 sleeping bags and 2 jackets with this bottle.

>Rating: 5

Awesome Down Proof Solution!

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I finally found a product that will take as good of care to our down (Everything) as much as they require! I’m excited to see how all our down jackets, sleeping bags, etc will hold up / smell after this 3 month summer vacations .

>Rating: 5

Two thumbs up

I've used it several times

Everyone that has a down jacket should have some of this. Buy a bottle.

>Rating: 5

Clean that down

Gave my down jacket some much needed love and rejuvenation with this product. It worked out perfectly!

>Rating: 5

good for the soul

Really helps out with all your down products.

>Rating: 5

Works great!

I've put it through the wringer

This down works great! I had some down that needed some lovin' and this helped!

>Rating: 4

Wash your DOWN!

If you are like me the down sweater is the last to get washed, no more!

>Rating: 2

Found out it isn't for the down...

I've used it several times

So, apparently this treatment is mainly adding DWR inside and outfor the jacket, not the down itself. Think of the nikwax wash-in but is completely down safe. It might add some water repellency to the down, but that isn't what this product does. That said, it does work, but it is way too much work and expensive to use versus just buying down puffy that has a treated down to begin with.

Where did you hear this? The product info (and answer from Nikwax rep in Q&A) says this will treat both the fabrics && the down feathers.

>Rating: 4

Start Washing Your Down

I used this on a couple of down pieces that needed some rejuvenation, and so far it seems to have worked like a charm! Definitely takes the fear out of washing your down. I use this on a gentle cycle on cold, and then let them air dry- then throw them in the dryer on fluff with a few tennis balls to distribute the down. So far so good- the down is much fluffier and resisting moisture!

>Rating: 5

Excellent Wash

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Washing down is not a fun process. But Nikwax makes it doable and takes the fear out of it. I absolutely recommend using it exactly as recommended on the bottle. Very happy with my decision to use Nikwax on my jacket.

>Rating: 5

Worked like a charm

I've used it several times

I had success with this product. It made a standard down puffy pretty water proof. Saved a few sleeping bags that were exposed to frost that subsequently melted. It has worked flawlessly on all without any negative results. It's not a long term fix, though. I found it to be incredibly effective the first time my puffy got wet, but it's since been a little less effective each time. I have yet to get the jacket so wet that the down clumps in useless, soggy freeze spots, but i suspect without a treatment soon, the jacket will beccome a sponge. Just like you should wash your gear regularly, you should treat your down jacket with this regularly.

>Rating: 3

My Lightweight Down Puffy wasn't the same

First off - let me just say that it does add water repellency to the down jacket. But this comes at a cost I wasn't willing to live with. I have a lightweight North Face Thunder jacket and after i put it through a treatment with this stuff (following instructions to the 't') it seemed like my jacket had a thick, dirty, greasy film on it. This product probably works well with more inudstrial down products but I would not recommend on light weight puffies like TNF Thunder or Mont Bell jackets. I re-washed with normal down-wash and that seemed to clean up the jacket a little but there is still a slightly dull sheen to the jacket that wasn't there before. The loft was also slightly effected. It still lofts but not as much. I guess waterproofing comes at a price when it comes to down. This is the only Nikwax product I cannot recommend. All of their other stuff works wonders though.

>Rating: 1

NEVER wash a down jacket. ever.

never never never never wash a down jacket. all the other nikwax products kick ass. however washing a down jacket is a gamble and it really sucks trying to unclump sections of your jacket.

the old trick of tennis balls in the dryer always got mine de-clumped, I'm assuming you've tried this?

I used to feel that way too. But after seeing old, greasy fart sack sleeping bags return to life with a careful washing (no liquid detergents) and drying (low heat, clean shoes or tennis balls to declump), I disagree. After all, in its natural setting—on the eider it comes from—down is washed and relofted constantly. If you still have clumps, you just haven't done it properly.

Absolutely JR, Adding tennis balls to the dryer with only down products is the best way to get the loft back and break up all down clumps.

>Rating: 5

Lives up to the claims...

This stuff seemed to work pretty well. I washed my down puffy in this stuff and I was pleased. I hadn't washed the jacket all season, so the finish was pretty wasted. The down-proof solution seemed to add quite a bit of water-repellency to the jacket. I was worried that the loft would be ruined in the wash, but it actually fluffed up even better than it had before. (Make sure to use tennis balls or something similar in the dryer to fluff up the jacket). I haven't really tried anything else, but I'll definitely get some more of this stuff for the next wash.


Will this work on a microfiber down coat...

Will this work on a microfiber down coat that was never water resistant in the first place? And will it get into down and cause clumping?

Hi! Nikwax Down Proof adds microfine durable water resistance (DWR) to both the exterior fabric and the feathers within a garment. It is designed to preserve loft and will not cause clumping. However, i'm not certain how it will affect the microfiber exterior, as it is usually used on nylon or something similiar. It will add DWR, even to something that wasn't water repellant in the first place, but it may slightly alter the appearance of the textured exterior. I hope this helps! Thanks for your question! Stay Dry!