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Nikwax BaseWash


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  • One Color, 10oz


You just washed that polypro shirt, and it smells already—next time wash it with Nikwax BaseWash. This product not only removes odors, it also revitalizes your base layer’s wicking properties, so your long johns enjoy a longer life. Use the biodegradable Nikwax BaseWash in the washing machine or sink to clean any synthetic base layers or mid-layers.
  • Item #NIK0048

10 fl oz

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Stinky Keens, Beware!

After years and years of dealing with the kids' stinky Keen sandals and trying to combat the stench with various products, I finally discovered this product and couldn't be happier. It magically takes the stink out of stinky Keens and makes summer so much more fragrant! I only wish I would have discovered it earlier. It would have changed the dynamic on so many summer road trips, when we'd suffocate on the kids' rancid sandals that would end up tossed on the floor five minutes into a 10-hour road trip.

>Rating: 4

Still deciding

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I have used it on a couple loads, it seems to help with the tech layer stink. Hopefully it’s not something that makes it worse in the long run.

>Rating: 5

Best basewash on the market

I have been using nikwax for years. This is the best detergent to use for base layers. Most other detergents don't get all of the sweat and body odor out of the clothes. Nikwax totally works!

>Rating: 5

I do it..

Yeah, I am one of those guys who smell the crotch and armpits of my clothes to tell if they are dirty or not. It might be stained but that doesn't mean it isn't clean. Yes, there is such a thing as a clean Skid Mark. Sometimes you just have to stick your nose in there to make sure. This stuff does work well to make the base layers you made stinky smell better. Especially when you hit the jackpot and finally find a clean pair to throw on. I have had the times when I wasn't quite sure and as soon as I start to man moisten them they turn rank immediately and that sure doesn't make you popular with anyone you are riding in the car with or your less than pleased tent mate. Nikwax products have a certain smell. I characterize it as an Elmers glue smell. Every time I wash or treat my clothes I have flashbacks of being back in elementary school and remembering the kids who used to eat paste and Elmers glue hand skin. Getting a reminiscent scent of childhood is better than getting a schnoz full of nether region man stank or the scent of the furry little monsters I keep under each arm.

>Rating: 4

Cleans great, smells a little strong

I've put it through the wringer

Base Wash definitely does its job of getting your base layers free of any grossness left over from your last epic adventure. I've used it on anything from lightly soiled to mud caked items and it comes through every time. My only complaint is with the smell when it first comes out of the wash and sometimes even out of the dryer still. It's not a horrible smell, just "different" and pretty strong. No fears though, the smell completely dissipates after a few hours of hanging with decent airflow and I've never noticed it when using the garment the next time around.


Basewash testimonial from the pros

>Rating: 4

New life!

Like a new life for your products!!

>Rating: 5

Works As Advertised

I use this stuff to wash my outdoor gear. It really does remove the odors!

>Rating: 4

Great product

I've used this very successfully for washing my technical and non-technical clothing! I highly recommend this for taking out your unwanted smells and the residue of other detergents to restore your products original coating! Great stuff!

>Rating: 5

Helps remove that funk

This stuff is great. Helps remove the funk from your baselayers, and enhances their wicking properties. Won't clog the pores like regular detergent will. This stuff is awesome and a must have.

>Rating: 5

BaseWash is worth it's weight in gold!

Do you ever feel bad after washing your synthetic (non-merino) base-layers with normal laundry detergent? I do. Each time I wash my base-layers w/ Tide, I can't help but feel like I'm ruining the fabric. There has to be something better to wash synthetic base-layers with, right? YES! I heard about Nikwax almost a year ago and have since used a handful of their washes and proofs. Each one worked much better than I had hoped. The BaseWash is for cleaning synthetic base-layers. "It enhances the fabrics wicking properties." For merino wool base-layers, use Nikwax WoolWash.


would this be appropriate for my synthetic sleeping bag? if not, what would be? thanks for your help!


I know there's already a wool wash but I'm...

I know there's already a wool wash but I'm traveling and don't want to carry two bottles for the few pieces of merino tops I have, so will this also work for wool fabrics in a pinch, can't imagine there'd be a serious difference in the formula. Thx for any help.

Hey there, yeah you would be fine washing wool with this; it won't hurt anything...


how many washs can i get from one bottle...

how many washs can i get from one bottle ,can i soak over night,can i use it in a spray bottle and spot clean thanks you all

This bootle can wash up to 60 garments. Yes you can soak , as far as spot washing i am sure that would be fine but i have not tried.

This is a 10 ounce bottle. Yes the label does say "This bottle is enough to wash up to 60 garments". BUT... that depends on the size of the wash load. According to the instuctions printed on the label; 3.5 ounces for a small load/low water level, and 5 ounces for regular load/medium water level... means that you will get 2 or 3 loads out of this bottle (for a top loading machine). As for spot cleaning, it says to use undiluted to treat stubborn stains before washing. The instuctions don't mention anything about soaking, especially overnight.


Has anybody used this product on a down...

Has anybody used this product on a down sleeping bag...?? Will it damage the outer fabric or the down..

Hi Willy! The product you'd want to use for your sleeping bag is Nikwax Down Wash. It is specially formulated to clean while preserving the loft of down. You can find it here: Thanks for your question! Stay dry!

Thanks Kelsey.. I appreciate the info, and hopefully I will stay dry..!! :)


Would this be good to use on summer cycling...

Would this be good to use on summer cycling jerseys and bib-shorts? What about cold weather cycling gear like bib-tights that have WindStopper on the front and a fleecey material on the inside or a cycling jacket with a WIndtex front?

This Base wash is best for next to skin layers. I would not use on outer layers like your cycling Jacket.. as it promotes wicking. For your cycling jacket use tech wash. But for your shorts, shirts , socks it works awesome and get the stink out.

Hi Dave! As Kirk mentioned, Nikwax Base Wash is designed for anything that you wear next-to-skin. It works great for cycling jerseys, shorts and tights. One thing to note, though, is that in addition to removing odor Base Wash also increases wicking ability. So, you don't want to use it on anything that is designed to be waterproof, since wicking and waterproof-ness don't play well together. But go ahead, throw your stinkiest cycling stuff at our Base Wash, it cleans gently and removes embedded odor like a dream! Thanks for your question. Stay Dry!


Which Nikwax product can I use on my...

Which Nikwax product can I use on my synthetic pants and shirts? I am not sure if it is Base wash, tech wash etc. too many Nikwax products to choose from, can anyone help? I have MHW mesa pants and some canyon shirts, synthetic fast drying materials and I need a product for them. They are not water proof but water does bead up when it hit the fabric, so I am unsure what to use. What should I use on my Monkey Phur jacket?

Hi Brian, Base Wash is designed for synthetic base- and mid-layers, so it is designed to help with the wicking properties of those garments. Tech Wash is the best cleaner for clothing and outer layers like your pants, shirts, and Monkey Phur. It doesn't destroy waterproofing like regular detergent does, and it can help get old soapy residues off from previous detergent washings. If you want to increase the water resistance of your Monkey Phur, Nikwax makes Polar Proof, which can improce surface water repellency and reduce water absorption...not sure if you were interested in that, or just cleaning. So, in short, use Tech Wash. =) Andrea


Hello i have a question? I just washed my...

Hello i have a question? I just washed my ORAGE Ski Jacket in a cold wash will it make it non-water proof any more ??? or lose it's water/snow proofness?

What detergent did you use? If liquid, it could leave a residue that attracts water. If possible, use a powder detergent. If you want to purchase a good cleaner Granger G-wash or Nikwax are good choices.