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MSR WindPro II Stove


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WindPro II Stove

The MSR Wind Pro II Stove is a dream-come-true among the ultralight backpacking crowd. The simple, durable Wind Pro II weighs an incredible 6.6 ounces, so you won't even know you're carrying it until dinner time, and it's inverted liquid-feed design increases performance in cold weather or low-fuel emergencies.

  • An ultralight camping stove for cold-weather backpacking
  • Inverted liquid-feed option works much better in winter conditions
  • Remote burner pairs easily with a windscreen for maximum efficiency
  • Versatile design can handle 10in pots and bake ovens
  • Made with pride in the USA
  • Item #CAS0744

Fuel Type
canister (isobutane, butane/propane)
Boil Time
3.6 min
Burn Time
(8oz canister) 70 min
windscreen, heat relector, canister stand, instructions, stuff sack
3 x 6in
Claimed Weight
Recommended Use
camping, backpacking
Manufacturer Warranty
limited 3 years

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5


Love this stove so far! Ive needed to update my old one for a while and I am so far in love with this one! Great buy!

>Rating: 5

Great stove

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Only used it once so far but found it to be as advertised: Lightweight, easy to use, and very efficient.

>Rating: 5

Best stove!

Hello! Excellent gas burner! Three times faster heats water 2 liters, compared to my other gas burner! At an altitude of 1700 meters, 2 liters of water warmed up in 5-6 minutes! I recommend!


MSR WindPro stove II In work!

In work under the mountain is a big Thach, in Russia.

>Rating: 5

Sierra fishing - works

I've put it through the wringer

Long time Sierra wanderer...high school teacher so summers off...average 100 bag nights a year, most often above 10,000 ft. I have been using the WindPro now for 6 - 7 season.. Why? Because: It works at altitude, is brick-stable, has a generator loop, and possesses the widest flame pattern seen. It also comes with a wind screen...(full disclosure - which does add a bit to the posted 6.6 oz weight reported.) As a fisherman, going high and deep, the best treasures/ secret spots are miles off trail and usually above the 9,600 ft no fires allowed zone. This stove is legal anywhere and cooks fish - very well! It will hold my 10.5 in frypan with a rainbow trout (and a rock press atop) - steady. Wide flame pattern cooks trout evenly but also simmers garlic and finishes pasta. Just like cooking at home. Best stove offered today if serious and doing more than boiling water.

I'm sold. Thanks for your review!

>Rating: 5

Simple N easy

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I haven't taken this bad boy out backpacking yet, but I've fired it up out on the deck a few times. I'm super happy with the purchase. It's more versatile than a lot of the pocket stoves on the market and is much more stable. Pretty stoked that it came with a wind screen. Packs down small and is lightweight for all your backpacking excursions.


Perfect stove for any meal.

Yummy. Who doesn't love popcorn?

>Rating: 5

The answer to the stove problem.

I've put it through the wringer

I have used lots of gasoline stoves including Whisperlite and primus. I have used a couple of canister stoves that sit on top of the can. I like canister stoves, but until now they don't work worth a damn in cold weather. This stove is low (and more stable) so it is easy to make an Al foil wind screen. You can turn the canister upside down a minute or so after starting it and it runs on fluid heated in the heat exchanger so it works in cold conditions. I have used it in the snow (32 deg. F?) with good results. It is lighter than many other stoves and that is a plus. It is well made and has been fool proof for me. At least one of my friends was impressed and went out and purchased one. My other friends like the convenience of the Jet-Boil, but they pay the price in weight and my meals cook just as fast and taste just as good. Seems a little pricy, but you will be happy with it for years if you are like me.


fry daddy

this stove does it all

>Rating: 5


I've used it several times

This stove is really nice. I have the MSR Dragonfly and an alcohol stove but I believe this one will be my go to stove from now on. Its way easy to use, the simmering is fantastic, and its light. I bought a 775 ml stowaway pot and it fits inside it perfectly. On high this thing puts out the heat, just can't ask anymore from a stove. Its so nice to be so pleased with a purchase. Ken

Thanks for confirming about the simmer. I like everything about the MSR Dragonfly but I want a stove that works off canisters /IsoPro. It looks like this one is just the ticket!

>Rating: 5

Versatile Little Stove

I've used it several times

I've used this stove several times now and have been very impressed with how well it works. It's relatively small and lightweight and includes a heat shield and windscreen that came in very handy on a windy night at over 12,000 ft.! I appreciate the boil-to-simmer flame control feature that allows you to do more than just boil water. I highly recommend this stove. I also give high marks to and their fantastic staff at their retail store in SLC for helping to get this product very quickly. Excellent service!


How to

>Rating: 5

The One Stove to Rule Them All

I've put it through the wringer

If I had to recommend someone purchase a single stove to cover the largest number of situations, it would be the MSR WindPro II. Hands down. Need something that can actually simmer/cook food? Check. Need something to boil water fast? Check. Need something light-ish? Check. Need something that can be effectively protected form the wind? Check. Need something that can perform reasonably well in winter or colder weather, too? Check. Need something that requires no maintenance and can keep going for years? Check. This stove may not be the perfect choice for any single situation (I probably wouldn't bring it as my first choice on an expedition to Everest or as my super ultralight choice), but it does better than most in many circumstances and can cover just about any situation needed; and do it well.

what about altitude?!

Canister stoves actually do even better at higher altitudes. The lower pressure outside allows the canisters to vaporize the fuel at lower temps than they can otherwise. And, even if it's REALLY cold, you can just invert the canister. This'll do it all, except in VERY, VERY cold climates. Or, unless you want to go lightweight. But, in those cases, you'd consider other more specialized stoves. I'd still assert this is the best, single, all around stove. If I had to sell everything and keep just one, this'd be it for sure.

>Rating: 5

The best stove for backpacking.

I've put it through the wringer

My title says it all, my original windpro still works (got it in '05) & this is an improvement on the best stove for backpacking (e.g. inverted canister holder). You buy now, great emergency preparedness stove just to have around also (this, a fuel bottle, water and some mountain houses or something make a great 72 hour survival kit).


What's in the box

For anyone else wondering, as I was, whether the heat shield is included - yes it is. Here's everything that comes with it.


do you know if the listed weight of 6.6oz is for everything in the box or just the stove/fuel line?

>Rating: 5

Goodbye Cold Issues

I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, and have used the original WindPro at -30F with no problems. Lit right up and boiled water without any pressure or cold-weather canister related issues. This is THE lightweight cold weather stove. Full flame control, too!

>Rating: 5


Our Scout troop purchased 3 of these stoves from BC for a week's hiking trip to the Appalachians. All 3 crews were impressed with the light weight and ease of operation as compared to our older white gas stoves. What could be easier than screwing on the canister, turn the gas on and're cooking. Also, we like the safety factor. Backcountry also deserves 5 stars as they were very fast and accomodating with our purchase. Thanks BC!

>Rating: 5

WP2 is a great little stove

I got my WP2 stove a couple of months ago from a local retailer. It will never replace a white gas stove in very cold weather, but with MSR or Snowpeak fuel canisters it will work at 27deg. or a little less. Coleman canisters are only good above 50 deg. If you like to cook meals on the trail, this is just about the best stove out there.


Introducing the New MSR? WindPro II

The incredible efficiency and versatility of the original WindPro stove, adapted to burn inverted canisters for liquid-feed. The results are increased cold weather performance, faster boil times and a more consistent output over the life of every canister. Inverted canister stand included.

Nice little video .. very informative. Inverting canister definitely helps cold weather performance. If you think morning temps might get below 20F .. take a white gas stove.

>Rating: 4

another great MSR product

I purchased this stove from a competitor simply because it was out of stock and have been impressed with it so far. It's an improved version of the windpro with a longer fuel line and a swivel that allows it to run with the canister inverted in a liquid feed mode. Supposedly this helps with cold weather performance. I ran it against my other MSR stoves to try to get a comparison of cold weather performance before i take it out with the scouts in the snow. I put each stove and fuel bottle in the freezer (0F) for 2 hours and timed the boil on a full nalgene of cold tap water in a 1.8liter GSI pinnacle dualist pot wind pro 2 8:50 whisperlite international 3:45 dragonfly 4:50 pocket rocket 11 minutes Of course the white gas stoves were by far the fastest but i was still impressed with the butane canisters. The liquid feed mode of the WP2 seemed to make a significant difference with a cold canister and the flame was noticeably stronger once inverted. I expected the dragonfly to do better compared to the whisperlite but i suspect its simply a matter of more effective flame dispersion over the narrow pot being used and the pot being closer to the flame on the whisperlite. Results may be different with the MSR alpine set. For the weight and packability advantage as well as ease of use I'll be trying out the windpro 2 in colder weather this year. Certainly not the best winter stove i own but it's peaked my interest for sure. Great stuff from MSR. I know they have their detractors but i've had nothing but good luck with all of their products and the WP2 looks to be no exception.

Does the windpro II fold down small enough to stack inside the GSI pinnacle dualist set with an 8oz canister?

I noticed this post is several years old. Are you still using this stove and are you still satisfied with its performance?


Has anyone done any extended winter trips with this stove? Am I going to be able to leave this guy out in my snow shelter over night and light it up in the morning to melt snow for coffee? Or am I still going to have to disconnect the canister and sleep with it? I currently use a whisperlite international and the usual early morning temps in February are -10 but can get down to -30 degrees F.


How adjustable is the flame on the MSR...

How adjustable is the flame on the MSR WindPro II? Most backpack stoves are fine for boiling water but dismal at real cooking because of a lack of adjustablity of their heat /flame level. I'm looking for something that will cook and am willing to make some sacrifice of "boil time" to get this.

The level is adjustable in a wide range of slow to fast burn prob on actually cooking with high heat (and obviously burning more fuel & faster is the cost which you noted but the stove can get it done for you). Sorry this went unanswered...cheers!