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  • MSR - Fuel Bottle - One Color
  • MSR - Fuel Bottle - One Color
  • MSR - Fuel Bottle - One Color

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  • MSR - Fuel Bottle - One Color
  • MSR - Fuel Bottle - One Color
  • MSR - Fuel Bottle - One Color

MSR Fuel Bottle

$19.95 - $23.95

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    84 Reviews


    For heavy use in rugged terrain.

    MSR made its Fuel Bottle from a single piece of aluminum and added an air-tight seal so there's less leaking and cracking. The Fuel Bottle works with the threaded pumps on your MSR stove. Holes in the shaft of the bottle cap prevent spills and provide more controlled pouring capabilities. You can store and transport your MSR fuel pump in the Fuel Bottle once the bottle is depressurized.

    • Fuel bottle compatible with MSR liquid fuel stoves
    • Machined from a single piece of aluminum for durability
    • Threaded to match all MSR fuel pumps
    • Item #CAS0553

    Tech Specs

    ⚠️ WARNING
    This product can expose you to chemicals including diisononyl phthalate, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.
    11oz, 22oz, 30oz
    Fuel Type
    liquid (not included)
    Claimed Weight
    [11oz] 2.8oz, [22oz] 4.9oz, [33oz] 7.3oz
    Recommended Use
    backpacking, camping
    Manufacturer Warranty
    limited 3 years

    Tech Specs

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    All fueled up.

      Great, durable, classic fuel bottle. The 22oz usually last about 3-4 days cooking Breakfast and dinner for 4. When using for cooking, take cap and put in the stove bag right away to avoid gunking up the cap with dirt when you insert the fuel pump into the fuel bottle.


      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have a MSR cooking kit that uses this bottle. This is my second one (I have two motorcycles and I always forget my other bottle on the bike I'm not riding) and it never leaks, warped and it is bullet proof. I like the red color specifically because I know gasoline is in there without any confusion.

      Real Nice

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      Pretty straightforward here, great for backpacking. Seems pretty sturdy and has been easy to use and fill. Excited to test it out on my next trip.

      Rugged and Reliable

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have two of these bottles for an old MSR XGK. They are easy to fill, pour and use with the standard MSR fuel pumps. My only complaint would be with the included child safe cap; I find it harder to tighten and release than the other basic one. I'd like the option to choose when purchasing these bottles.

      A classic high quality MSR Product

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I now own this fuel bottle in the 30oz, 20oz, and 11oz sizes and I have zero complaints about these products! I've had the 30oz fuel bottle for 5 years now and have never had any issue with it! These bottles are super durable and have an great seal so you never have to worry about gas leaking all over the rest of your gear!

      Good for overnight trips (11 oz)

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I bought the 11 oz version, this bottle is relatively small so the capacity is fairly limited. If you are in a hot area (need lots of drinking water) for multiple nights or with multiple people plan to bring a bigger fuel bottle or use an alternative water purification method (as opposed to boiling). Using a Whisperlight international and regular unleaded fuel I burned 42% of the capacity boiling ~5 liters of water (103g of fuel consumed out of 240g total bottle nameplate capacity). On the plus side it is the lightest option so it is good for solo backpacking. I did not have any issues with the child safety lock or with keeping it sealed with either the pump lid or the cap. For weight savings I travel with the pump lid installed and leave the cap at home.

      Holds Fuel Like a Champ

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      What can I say, it's a fuel bottle, and you know what? It holds fuel amazingly well ;) I have two of these and I've had them for years, the fact is they'll probably out last me. They seem pretty bomb proof, I can't image what I could possibly do to break one. I always use it with my Whisperlite as well and it works a treat.

      Gets the job done

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've used this bottle for years, paired with my Whisperlite. I've dropped it and banged it up against rocks (from being stuffed in my outside pouch)and it's never leaked or had serious structural damage. I love this bottle!

      Volume to go the distance.

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I do a lot of bikepacking and touring where I am out in the middle of no where for long periods of time. I went with the biggest volume canister to allow me to do just that!

      And it still fits neatly under my downtube with out pedal bite.

      Volume to go the distance.

      just in case petrol

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      great for long days on the motorcycle. I have 2 of these bottles to ensure I do not run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Simple, fool proof cap. No leaks. I would buy this again.

      Great price for a great fuel bottle!

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      This is a wonderful bottle, holds plenty of fuel for a few trips, depending on length, and rugged enough to go everywhere you do...

      Anybody knows where to get the rubbery...

      Anybody knows where to get the rubbery o-rings for the traditional caps? I've had mine so long, it's all cracked and a bit leaky!

      ACE Hardware has the best selection of small hardware and o-ring of all the national chains. My small local store carries the size. If you want to buy more than a few, you'll save some bucks and can get some super high quality/long lasting o-rings through McMaster-Carr.

      Don't really use stoves that much, could...

      Don't really use stoves that much, could I use this as a water bottle? You know, human fuel?

      Best Answer

      No, no, no, no, NEVER, EVER mix your (toxic) fuel containers with your drinkable water containers! Even if you are using a brand-new bottle, it's best to keep Fuel bottles as fuel bottles, water bottles as water bottles and pee bottles as pee bottles (just so someone you are camping with doesn't accidentally take a swig of something they didn't intend to)!

      No! As another person posted earlier, never mix your water bottles & fuel bottles. You never want to be confused as to which is which. The bottle even with no fuel has a distinct smell that you would not want to drink from.

      Does anyone have the diameter and overall...

      Does anyone have the diameter and overall height of the 20 and 30 oz bottles? I recently got the Dakine builders pack(2012) and want to store 2 bottles in the side pockets. Does anyone know if the 30's will fit? Thanks.

      Can i put gasoline in this bottle?

      Can i put gasoline in this bottle?

      I can't open the child proof cap, I push...

      I can't open the child proof cap, I push down and turn counterclockwise, but it won't open, even if I push down with it on the ground, and use a pliers handle to turn. It turns a little ways, but won't release from the bottle.

      Best Answer

      Mary, I have had this problem before especially when it is cold out. I seriously had to bang the crap out of this thing on a picnic table to loosen the lid and after some serious down pressure and twisting till my fingers hurt it popped off. Take a look by angling the the bottle verticly. Make sure the threads are aligned and not cross threated. If they are trying hitting the lid with a hammer. Keep trying!

      Hand it to the kids, they always find a way to override that sort of stuff. Sounds like you did everything you were supposed to. Try this though- if you're at home, try to find something longer than the pliers handle like a long screwdriver or a dowel or something similar that you can slip through the cap's eye and bear down on with the palms of both hands. Something that won't break or bend. Set it on the ground between your feet and then push down evenly and try to turn it. In camp, use something like a good, solid x-peg stake, trekking pole tip, or a strong stick. That should do it, even if the threads are impossibly crossed. If not,except for cutting it off, I'm out of ideas. When you finally get it off, throw it away and use the stock cap. Tell the kids that if they even touch the bottle, they'll die instantly, or if they don't know how to read yet, show them the writing on the bottle and pretend to translate some arbitrary part of it into an ominous and terrifying warning. You would be surprised at just how effectively "childproof" both these techniques can kids still have phobias about white gas and wild mushrooms.

      It is indeed a child safety cap. Run it under hot water for up to a minute, push down and twist. If it does not work, but a stick through the cap for leverage, and have someone else push down that way you can put all of your force into twisting.

      im going on an 8 day backpacking trip in...

      im going on an 8 day backpacking trip in killarney provincial park and i have the msr whisperlite stove and i have know clue how much fuel to bring. I plan on buying the 20oz bottle, and there will be 4 people coming on the trip and we will be cooking with the stove at least 2 meals a day. how much fuel bottle should i bring??

      Best Answer

      Lot's of variables in that one, but I would take at least 2/20oz bottles for that amount of people and time. Even an extra 11oz for contingency's sake and to use for the actual cooking wouldn't be a bad thing (using the other 2 for just storage and transfer). I would probably figure on using my stove for a minimum of about 20 minutes per day x 8 = at least 160 minutes. The WhisperLite, optimally, will give you 110 minutes per 20oz. If you go for 30 minutes per day, your fuel needs theoretically go to 240 minutes and more than just that 40oz you're carrying. Fine line. Worst case scenario- you might come home with some fuel left over. Ideally- you won't risk running out on day 6 or 7, and, you can use a larger pot so that everyone can eat at the same time (more water means longer boil times). Here's a few things to consider besides just how much fuel you'll need- The 30oz bottles are sort of a pain to cook with, an extra bottle for backup/unforeseen spills or whatever is a good thing to have if eating depends on it, dividing up the weight more evenly is always appreciated, etc...

      If it's a factor, don't forget that airlines will not allow you to carry full fuel bottles, ever, and will only let you carry used ones if you cleaned out all traces of fuel, leave the cap off, and declare it.

      I'd probably bring 3 20 oz bottles between the three of you just to be on the safe side -- I know that I had planned on using my stove for just cooking on a few camping trips, but it ended up being used to boil water for makeshift shower wipes, making drinking water, and using some of the fuel to light a fire (great way to create a fireball and singe your eyebrows!). The weight shouldn't be that big of an issue if you're careful about packing the rest of your stuff and distribute your gear thoughtfully.

      Does anyone know exactly how tall these...

      Does anyone know exactly how tall these are, specifically the smallest one, but if know how tall the other ones are that would help too

      I'll go ahead and give you height and diameter-

      11oz (small) 7.4"x 2.5"
      The volumes for the next two are stated in the specs incorrectly but are-
      20oz- 9.4"x 2.85"
      30oz- 11.3"x 3.25"

      Measure the depth of your pump from other stove manufacturers with the 11oz bottle, some are too long.

      Hi, I am well familiar with gas stoves,...

      I am well familiar with gas stoves, but im moving to my first liquid fuel stove and i have a question about these bottles and fuel storage.

      When i am not on the trail/hiking, is it best to keep my fuel (white gas/shellite) in the MSR bottle, or in the original plastic jug it comes in.
      I have heard that (when top is off) this fuel evaporates quickly.

      Whats some tips on storage for this stuff?
      Will 5L last 6months in storage after i've used 1L already?

      Best Answer

      I have to admit in many years of usage, I've never had white gas go bad even after eight years of storage but I've never purchased white gas in a plastic jug. Mine has always come in a metal gallon can & it works just fine, in fact I haven't noticed any difference between it & new fuel. It will store equally well in either container however the gas will evaporate with a loosely fitting cap so make sure it is tight!

      Agree with the others that it all depends on storage. Was cleaning out my parent's basement about 5 years ago and found my dad's old camping gear -- old 2 burner Coleman stove and a case of white gas cans... even had the original dated (1976!!) receipt in the box. Thought I'd give it a shot, and sure enough both the stove and fuel worked perfectly. Still use the stove for car camping and am about half way through that original case :) As long as it's sealed in a cool/dry environment, the stuff can literally last a lifetime.

      does this come with the fuel/ if not where...

      does this come with the fuel/ if not where does one get it?

      No, it's just the bottle. Put just about any type of fuel (white gas, kerosene,unleaded, diesel..etc) paired with a multi-fuel stove and you're good to go. You can find these fuels almost anywhere (target, hardware stores, gas stations). Be sure to know if your stove requires a specific type of fuel.

      most MSR stoves take white gas, available from gas stations and camping stores, i've even seen it in grocery stores and targets camping section. Coleman is the most commercially available supplier.

      Best Answer

      don t screw top tight in the serria nevadas and climb to altidude in super hot temps without letting pressure out once and a while or the container will fail at its weakest point, the cap,
      or valve and blow your thinker off,or what ever else.

      don t screw top tight in the serria nevadas and climb to altidude in super hot temps without letting pressure out once and a while or the container will fail at its weakest point, the cap,
or valve and blow your thinker off,or what ever else.